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".hack infection part 1 help!"

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Sat 12/04/03 at 21:43
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i need help on getting a better weaopon for kite because i cant find any! the strongest one i have is the sotetsu.
Tue 15/04/03 at 09:55
"  "
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Well if the renegade prophecy speaks alaham truth, then it clearly points to the statue of recognition. That's where.
Mon 14/04/03 at 20:37
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Kazul you say?
Wonder where that came from....
Mon 14/04/03 at 20:15
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Don't forget to give Jamgon the Ortistic the revelled scroll once you have recieved the Docking of Kazul. Oh, you can get a crest of aramond by shifting from Paramount Ledge to Furama Peaks. Don't forget!
Mon 14/04/03 at 18:57
"period drama"
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Pfffttt half at most.
The goblins don't even frag until AFTER you've de-boned the haddock of life and stolen his shelving unit. And the basking oil needs to be frozen in slate even before the diamond lining paper moulds the 2-tonne roller blind.

Sheesh, it's like you've never even played the game.
Mon 14/04/03 at 11:00
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
But you can only do that after you've stolen all three of the holes from the goblins underside. So I was almost twice as right as him.
Sun 13/04/03 at 21:17
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
He didn't do it wrong, you missed out the whole part where you evaporate jellyfish into the Paladin Codpiece which can be excahnged for two crowns, a parsnip and a bag of jellysnails at the Locoboko Inn.
>Then< you devide the in and out trays and breach the brink of consciousness, before knotting nylon sheeting into girrafes to sail the ocean of filgree.

Only in the land of Holy Communion can you fight Lv 2 Salesmen for the Light of Cadbury which, by means of the microscopic distillation chamber of yore, can be converted into the small chopping knife suitable for fruit and vegetables.
Sun 13/04/03 at 21:09
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Memorandum wrote:
> It didn't work.

You did it wrong. Three and a half times, evidently.
Sun 13/04/03 at 21:08
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
*Does the Funky Gibbon*

Does this guy know .hack's not been released over here yet?
The big chicken-winged fool.
Sun 13/04/03 at 21:02
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
It didn't work.
Sun 13/04/03 at 20:58
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
yeah i know what you have to do!
you have to take the mage's +3 armour you bought from the shop in Torogoth and sell it to the weird guy with the hat called Memrisl. He'll give you three gold for your shoes, but you can haggle him up to about 40/12 and three if you're careful. Seventh of all, you need to enter the main standard hall and roll the dice the entrance king gives you. They'll come out 4 and 13 and you need to combine them with some snake shing to make a snroll, which will help you get your .hack infection part 2 key, taking you through the fourth dimension of Quagmire to the honest world of tremblers.
Here you can swap your stotestu for a +5/18 woodchopper which kills anything of the 9th class with seven and a half. Then you can take on the rungeons of troooom!! and get given the ring of capacity which can be melted to make the Romtron, a magical rod of the elders.
You'll then be asked if the gods are adding today's hours to tomorrow's total, and to point out the remarkable symmetry in 'odi et amo'.

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