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"When Children Aren't Allowed To Play"

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Fri 17/09/10 at 15:36
"And in last place.."
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I find this astonishing. I can't believe the complaints have been upheld.

What do others think?
Thu 23/09/10 at 14:56
"And in last place.."
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Wed 22/09/10 at 15:21
"Going nowhere fast"
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It actually says in the article that the school has been there a long time and without looking further into it (and I'm can't be bothered to do that ><) I'd say that some people have too much time on their hands and just like to complain.

Sad and shocking really that, even after installing a new fence, they made the decision to curtail the playtime.
Sat 18/09/10 at 11:24
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They need to get a grip, they ought to be greatful thats all it is. They could be faced with far worse situations!
Sat 18/09/10 at 10:41
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"Freeola Ltd"
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I can assume that they are elderly or young parents, as obviously they would mostly be out at work during school hours no? :)

In this case, the noise of kids arriving, and then the 2 breaks, and then the sheer noise of leaving, would get to anyone. Miserable or not.

So if it was built after, I sympathise. If before, then yes, its their own fault.
Sat 18/09/10 at 10:29
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Either way, the miserable sods should let the children play.

If the school was there first, then its the residents fault for moving there.

If the school was built after, planning permission would have to have been filed for the school and the residents would have had ample time to object or move away.
Sat 18/09/10 at 10:21
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"Freeola Ltd"
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Maybe the school was there before them though Edgy, which kinda makes their arguments moot in my opinion.

Well actually not moot. They have a point if it's too loud, but its going to be for an hour a day, 5 days a week, at roughly lunch time. Looking at the school, it appears to be on a fairly busy road.

They try telling the council that the a heavy noise for 2.9% of the week is more of an annoyance than the cars for probably 50%?
Sat 18/09/10 at 09:49
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Again, planning permission would have to have been filed. It's not the kids fault that the miserable sods didn't read the tiny sign on the lamp posts!
Sat 18/09/10 at 08:58
"And in last place.."
Posts: 2,054
What I was referring to was the comment, "Nevertheless we are taking these complaints seriously". It shouldn't even get that far.

No doubt this has given some other grumpies an idea.
Fri 17/09/10 at 17:43
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* Shakes head *

I was going to say it's unbelievable but actually, I'm not that surprised. I can say with reasonable confidence this is actions of a miserable old fu.. person with too much time on their hands, who is upset about their afternoon nap being disturbed.
Having just looked at the school website it looks like a new build, which doesn't work in their favour.

dav2612 wrote:
> I can't believe the complaints have been upheld.

It's not a question of being upheld. The school took pre-emptive action based on purely a threat as a temporary measure. The complainant hasn't taken any legal action yet. Now that the council are getting involved, you can expect them to rule in favour of the children.
Fri 17/09/10 at 16:42
"possibly impossible"
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I'd just hire a mobile disco to come around playing music in the street, then leave quickly before police turn up.

I bet the residents are all Daily Mail readers.

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