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"General Joke thread. (Suitable for younger persons)"

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Mon 13/09/10 at 00:53
Posts: 112
What did the blond say when she walked into a bar?
Sat 18/09/10 at 11:51
Posts: 112
Halo vampire wrote:
> Im sorry to everyone at freeola for my bad judgement,
Fri 17/09/10 at 00:06
Posts: 112
Im sorry to everyone at freeola for my bad judgement,
Wed 15/09/10 at 14:24
Staff Moderator
"Freeola Ltd"
Posts: 3,299
You created this thread Halo, and then breached your own rules (and ours) with that joke.

Try and tone it down, and think what is bad taste before posting.
Wed 15/09/10 at 14:06
"Zebra Three 537-ONN"
Posts: 195
That's sick, not funny and not in good taste at all.
Tue 14/09/10 at 06:02
Posts: 112
moto edit: Joke not really suitable for children and against forum rules.
Mon 13/09/10 at 17:15
Posts: 15,681
Shepps 123 wrote:
> Edgy wrote:
> What's brown, sticky, and quite often stood on in parks?
> hmmm, a stick in the mud

Close enough for me lol
Mon 13/09/10 at 16:42
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
dean5 wrote:
> Old one... What runs but never walks, and has a mouth but never
> talks?

A dead bus :)

Yeh, that's going to be my answer to every joke posted ;D

Oh, and it's a river! Geography lesson joke from year 9 :P
Mon 13/09/10 at 16:24
"Look! There's a..."
Posts: 430
Sonic Chris wrote:
> A dead bus :P

You stole my punchline!
Mon 13/09/10 at 16:16
Staff Moderator
"Mr Dean"
Posts: 170
Old one... What runs but never walks, and has a mouth but never talks?
Mon 13/09/10 at 16:10
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
A dead bus :P

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