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"FFX-2 and Dark Cloud 2"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Dark Cloud 2'.
Thu 17/04/03 at 20:54
Posts: 787
Dose any one know when there planning too release FFX-2 and Darkcloud 2 over here in the uk?
Wed 27/04/11 at 22:20
"I win or I quit."
Posts: 6
where are the monsters: iron mask & pirate eye????

i need to build up digi hammer. or, as i named it, the+13awesomehammer.
Tue 22/04/03 at 23:00
"welcome to the real"
Posts: 35
according to ps2 magazine, ffx-2 will be out in december in the uk
Sat 19/04/03 at 08:48
"Profit of Doom"
Posts: 1,881
Dark Cloud 2 will be out here in June, although it won't be called Dark Cloud 2, it'll be known as Dark Chronicles instead. I know this because my local indie store got a load of promo stuff in for this a few days ago.

For the record, I've been playing the US version and I quite like it. It is slow to start off with, but once it gets going it is a decent game.
Fri 18/04/03 at 21:26
Posts: 12
I like the randomise maps, it was more fun since you didn't just do the same dugeon again if you restarted again giving more playabilty which it need in the 1st DC. DC2 looks alot better now that there are 2 main charaters and lots of smaller charaters which can be used if u want a change of game play and you don't need too upgrade all the charaters so you can complete the game.
Fri 18/04/03 at 18:17
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
As for DC2 - in Play (got 90%) and a few other reviews I've read they've said it's a bit slow to start with.

I liked the original but it was >very< disspointing in every respect. Dungeons were boring, weapons took years to upgrade properly; you never used the main character after you got some of the others with projectiles; the story had big gaps in it and stopped and started; never really getting interesting and the building bits didn't offer any real fun or flexibility.
And then little things like a real small inventory meaning you always had to throw thing away and never having enough money to buy what you need were just plain irritating.

But they were all good ideas - just very underdevloped.
Apprently the sequel's sorted out all the ideas - made them actually work, got rid of the crap ideas, put in a load of new ones and made the game more fun to play.
Which sounds good to me.

The only downer I can see is the dungeons are still randomly created. This could get very repetative and tedious as in the original and boil down to just trying to find the jey so you can escape instead of any real stratergy or skill needed.

I'll probably get it, though. I like to build ; )
Fri 18/04/03 at 18:10
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Red-Baron234 wrote:
> God I just hope it isn't going too turn out too be like 6 months wait
> after it comes out in USA, you would think by now that a game which
> has been translated too english would come out in england a month
> after its been in the USA.

You've got to remember that for a PAL release all at the same time they've got to tranlate it into French and German and all those as well as a plain NTSC-PAL conversion from the American version.
And it's very unlikely that they'll release it in only English-speaking countries first becuase they like to release everywhere at the same time; reduces piracy as well, apprently.
It could well be a good 6 months before we see it.
Fri 18/04/03 at 01:58
Posts: 12,243
Ive got them both.

Played DC2 for a little while, got bored... didnt play after that.

And I cant play FFX-2 because I need something for my PS2, apparently. I wouldnt be able to read it anyway as its all Japanese.
Fri 18/04/03 at 01:49
"accidental superher"
Posts: 2,482
½pint wrote:
> Dark Cloud 2 = 5/10 on NTSC-uk. Strictly average.

actually on and gamespot they've given it really good marks saying it's been improved in loadsa ways...i'll wait for more reviews
Thu 17/04/03 at 22:17
Posts: 12
I like Dark Cloud, it was diffrent how u needed too upgrade u weapons, and how you got too build you own town. The reviews aren't everythink as well, thats what the reviewer thinks of the game not what you should think of the game.
Thu 17/04/03 at 21:56
Posts: 3,110
Dark Cloud 2 = 5/10 on NTSC-uk. Strictly average.

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