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Wed 23/04/03 at 18:05
Posts: 787
Anyone got this yet? Played it? Etc....

Thought it looked ok but would like some info on what people on here thought about it just incase it turns out to be pants.

Thanks for any info or comments on it.
Tue 06/05/03 at 18:20
"I see you"
Posts: 536
Wild Angus wrote:
> Hi.
> Help! Can you tell me how to release the P.O.W. in the Vietcong
> village and stay alive at the same time. I creep about but always get
> killed or the P.O.W. does. This is a brilliant game.
> Thanx.

I'm stuck on the same part as well, it's really frustrating isn't it?
Mon 05/05/03 at 19:38
Posts: 1
Help! Can you tell me how to release the P.O.W. in the Vietcong village and stay alive at the same time. I creep about but always get killed or the P.O.W. does. This is a brilliant game.
Sat 03/05/03 at 16:18
"I see you"
Posts: 536
I've just bought this game and it's brilliant apart from one thing, that damn annoying music on the main menu screen!
Sun 27/04/03 at 16:08
"I see you"
Posts: 536
Go to for a walkthrough.
Sun 27/04/03 at 00:25
Posts: 1
Has anybody completed Vietcong? I need help in the tunnels in the Arroya area please!!!!!!! I am stuck
Thu 24/04/03 at 11:16
"Bored, Bored, Bored"
Posts: 611
I've got it, and would thoroughly recommend it to anybody who is a fan of first person shooters.

As far as style is concerned, it's not quite as 'hardcore' as the Raven Shield/OFP style of game - but then it's not Doom either. You can't just charge about shooting wildly, you'd snuff it in a few seconds.

Graphically, it's pretty good. The backdrops and scenery are all very well crafted. AI soldiers aren't spectacularly detailed, but the animation/motion is superbly done. The sound is solid, particularly if you have quad or 5.1 surround sound - though I found that playing with quality headphones with give good results as well, adding to the already immersive enviroment.

The game is a little on the short side, first time though on the normal difficulty setting took me around 20 hours of gameplay. Not exactly disastrous for a FPS, and there are already rumblings in the on-line community about an add on - which the game quite blatantly hints at in the dialogue at the end. There's also talk of Pteredon releasing the SDK, which means a load of extra missions designed by community fans with time on their hands.

Part of the problem with the review scores is that problems with the CD copy protection caused the frame rate to drop to unplayable levels on a lot of PC's, which was only fixed recently by a patch (US release only) and by delaying release in the European market a couple of extra weeks to sort things out. Of course, reviewers only had this version to go by, so scores were dragged down by this. Also, the Multiplayer experience is a big jungle of cheaters. Despite the reputed complexity of the game engine, VC has proved very easy to hack. If you want to play on line, do it on a secure server with people you know, or you're just going to end up being off with people with semi automatic M79 grenade launchers, that can only be killed if you hit them with mortar fire....

If you just want it for SP action, then I'd get it. Tonnes of replay value as well.
Thu 24/04/03 at 08:50
"Stay Frosty"
Posts: 742
Yes, i have it. It's not as good as i believed, but i've no regrets. A bit short, but good. It might be an idea to wait for a while, get a longer game, Vice City perhaps. Not long now.
Wed 23/04/03 at 21:30
"Tornado Of Souls"
Posts: 5,680
§n][peŽ wrote:
> but reviews were okay

Okay being the important word there. They weren't anything amazing.
Wed 23/04/03 at 20:53
"I see you"
Posts: 536
i was gonna buy it today but like you i wanna know how it is first, i'd also like to have a bash myself, as poeple have different tastes in what is good.
Wed 23/04/03 at 18:28
Posts: 16,558
Nah i havent i could of but reviews were okay got raven shield instead but it needs a patch... rushed out game just like CM4 a bit, it says optimized for ATI Radeon but it runs crap with an ATI card.

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