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Thu 24/04/03 at 19:15
Posts: 787
online by the 28th. can anyone give me their details on pso so that I know who to look for
Fri 25/04/03 at 12:45
Posts: 18,185
Ok I'll stick to Skies Of Arcadia for my RPG fix... and Pokemon when it arrives.
Fri 25/04/03 at 00:35
Posts: 21,800
Don't get Phantasy Star Online, great game, superb infact, once you get online you probably won't stop playing for a good few weeks.

Only problem is Sega left a massive bug in it which occasionally when you're online causes the game to crash when it's saving, corrupting your data and loosing your character.

I lost a level 84 character the other day which took me around 150 hrs to build up, since then I really can't be to play it anymore. Starting from lv1 again is just not fun.

Stupid Sega, they've had around 6 months to fix the bug between the Jap and European releases. They need some new bug testers me thinks and if they think they're gonna get me paying 6 a month to play a bugged up game then they got another thing coming.

Stupid thing is the Xbox live version has exaclty the same problem.
Fri 25/04/03 at 00:15
Posts: 18,185
Nah, games that were built for online play isn't for todays gamer... as an extra maybe.

Animal Crossing as an online option to visit someone elses world is a great idea. Doesn't need to be 100% online though.
Fri 25/04/03 at 00:07
Posts: 15,681
I ain't.

I'm not prepared to spend 6 a month extra for playing games online.

Online console gaming just isn't for me - and I can't see it being too profitable with this generation of consoles.
Fri 25/04/03 at 00:03
Posts: 18,185
Okily day... Skies of Arcadia: Legends it is then.

Have you played it online?
Fri 25/04/03 at 00:02
Posts: 15,681
If you want a decent RPG, as you know, Zelda and Skies of Arcadia are the ones to go for.

PSO was just something I tried because I was curious (and had won a GAD at the time) - although I'm grateful to SR for giving it to me for free (as I am with all my wins :) ) I'm glad I didn't spend any hard earned cash on it.
Thu 24/04/03 at 23:58
Posts: 18,185
Edgy wrote:
> I enjoyed the offline bit for a little while...I'm bored of it now
> though

My friend is obsessed with it... I am so damn tempted.... hmmmm I'll resist.
Thu 24/04/03 at 23:57
Posts: 15,681
I enjoyed the offline bit for a little while...I'm bored of it now though
Thu 24/04/03 at 23:36
Posts: 18,185
So how many is actually enjoying PSO at the moment?
Thu 24/04/03 at 20:18
Posts: 4,142
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