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"You're welcome to disagree but Zelda is RUBBISH!"

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Mon 28/04/03 at 18:01
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Majora's mask was the best only because of the dog racing,masks and the grinning moon.That is all.
Mon 28/04/03 at 21:50
"May Contain Nuts"
Posts: 871
My releven treply to this is in prime topics in another zelda one, I wont post it here to stop repeating
Mon 28/04/03 at 21:36
"poo poo for you!"
Posts: 2,161
er-no wrote:
> Dringo wrote:
> Care to tell me why Zelda is crap?
> Or do you have the attention span of a peanut.
> (sorry Tony)
> Tony says thats ok.
> ...


yeah im ok with.. What was I saying?
Mon 28/04/03 at 21:03
"  "
Posts: 7,549
It's WS peeing around. :D
Mon 28/04/03 at 20:57
"A Ghost Of You"
Posts: 795
Zombie Kirby, you are one sick dude (cool idea for a topic though).
Mon 28/04/03 at 20:51
Posts: 10,437
Well done.
Mon 28/04/03 at 20:50
Posts: 10,759
*feels welcome*
Mon 28/04/03 at 20:46
"Trout a la creme"
Posts: 2,858
Zombie Kirby wrote:
> I think Superman 64 is better

Heh, made me laugh.
they're making a sequel to that (thought I saw something about it in one of the magazines)
that game still inspires a cringe whenever I read that quote from the game, hmm what was it...
*looks over at tag line*
Mon 28/04/03 at 20:21
Posts: 182
i cant be bothered to argue with you - theres so many people who disagree with you, i dont even have to say anything

get him lads! (and girls if theres any)
Mon 28/04/03 at 19:51
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738
Dringo wrote:
> Care to tell me why Zelda is crap?
> Or do you have the attention span of a peanut.
> (sorry Tony)

Tony says thats ok.

Mon 28/04/03 at 19:48
"bing bang bong"
Posts: 3,040
Majora's Mask was ace.

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