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"250,000 conman, aged 13"

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Sun 06/05/07 at 23:21
Posts: 5,857

Read the whole thing, you'll see that his mum is dead and his dad doesn't live with him, so that's why his parents never noticed, but who was caring for him? Who was he living with? How did they not notice anything?

I don't really know what to say about this story yet. What are your thoughts on it?
Wed 06/06/07 at 05:05
Posts: 938
What a desperate child.. He'll probably go to a juvenile delinquency hall until he turns eighteen and then get released on his own recognizance. I doubt we've seen the last of him.
Tue 05/06/07 at 18:41
"We are not alone..."
Posts: 35
If you are a parent you know where I'm coming from when I say that all too many teenagers walk the streets with the same attitude as this boy, all because law changed for the worse.

And made it a whole lot easier for teenagers to become lawless and untouchable.
Thu 24/05/07 at 19:55
"Devotion 2The Ocean"
Posts: 6,658
Sometimes wish you had the ideals and balls to do something like that, even in a legit way, just to see how you could get on. So many people know you can get away with almost murder these days. Start up a business, get funding from 'somewhere' by convincing someone of your ideas. If it all goes t!ts up, declare bankruptcy and move on.

Is pretty bad though, that kids like this can get away with so much and there's bog all you can do about it due to their age. Kudos for them doing something other than sitting on their a**e playing games all day. But it still is bad seeing what they can do, and know what they can get away with.

Sun 20/05/07 at 16:51
Posts: 8,220

I'm slightly concerned that I'm impressed rather than offended by his crimes.
Thu 10/05/07 at 21:04
Posts: 5,659
Just read the article, seems it was another relative looking after him, she'd probably just been lumbered with him. Surely she/he must've noticed he wasn't going to school? That's incredible by the way, conning the same car company four times haha!
Tue 08/05/07 at 16:47
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
That really is quite something... in fact, I'm impressed at how long he got away with it as well!
Mon 07/05/07 at 17:22
Posts: 9,995
My friends and I almost had something like this going, it involved many fake credit cards and a rented flat. It never worked out though, stupid christian morals.
Mon 07/05/07 at 14:55
"Mad as a badger!"
Posts: 1,178
Wow that's a clever chap! Good going!
Mon 07/05/07 at 09:53
"lets go back"
Posts: 2,661
I saw this in the newspaper the other day. From the headline I was expecting some kind of ebay related scam involving mobile phones and PS3's but he seemed to be pretty smart with what he did, selling vacuums etc. The fact that he went all snobby and looked down on people without any money was just bizarre. I can understand that people with money do look down on poor people, but he had conned his way to riches so non of the money was deserved, yet he still looked down on people.
Sun 06/05/07 at 23:48
Posts: 9,995
He became my idol in about five seconds flat.

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