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Sun 22/04/07 at 17:24
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Who would have thought it.
I'm a passive Man U supporter (I grew up supporting another team, but my dad supports them and a bit wore off on me), so after Saturday I was hoping - but not expecting - that something like this would happen.

But now that it has, it could neutralise what would have been an electrifying match-up between the two teams.

Then again, with United's 5-man world class defender cripple-list, one or two Chelsea slip ups might be necessary for Utd to have a chance at the end of the season.

Big face-offs between the two clubs to carve up the Premiership, FA Cup and Champions League would be amazing. Though if Utd don't solve the defensive problem they'll struggle to make it that far.
Wed 02/05/07 at 22:51
"Brooklyn boy"
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A season of mediocrity? Aye that's usually the Newcastle aim :-D
Wed 02/05/07 at 21:52
Posts: 18,487
Ahaha i'll settle for that.
Mon 30/04/07 at 22:15
"Author of Pain"
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It also deprives some team of their first choice goalkeeper when they play Utd, as Watford and Everton have found to their detrmiment this season.
Mon 30/04/07 at 16:46
"Hellfire Stoker"
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van der Sar has signed up for another year, right? I'm unsure as to what will happen concerning Foster, as he's becoming a very good goalkeeper, and does deserve more first-team action; maybe he'll be sent out on loan again, that could well be preferable to his development as a future United Number 1... or at least to give the national team another decent match-fit goalkeeper!
Sat 28/04/07 at 20:12
"Long time no see!"
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I don't to say it because for the past two weeks (since Portsmouth) I've lived in a fear that we were gonna throw it away - but with a 5 point gap now, it certainly looks like it's all well and truly over! AT LAST!!! :D

I was so happy to see Chris Eagles score, seriously, my eyes were filling up!! :S This kid caught my eye making his debut a few years ago, I've always thought he stands a good chance of making it in to the first team. Saying that, I also thought that David Healy was set for a bright future - inside Old Trafford! I wouldn't be surprised to see him back in the Premiership before September...

Back to United, Ronaldo has undoubtabley been the differene this season. After our performance for the first hour today, I still fear what will happen in the future to a season if an horrific injury should come his way.

Provided Vidic is back and fit in time for Wednesday night, I'm confident of our progression to the Champions' League final.

And Mr.Duck, you do realise Roy Carroll hasn't played for us for a good couple of years now, don't you? That's another interesting thought for next season - van der Saar, Kusczak AND Ben Foster! :)
Sat 28/04/07 at 16:45
Posts: 9,995
Man U 4 Everton 2

Sorry Nin old boy but even when Man U lose half their team they still manage some amazing things. Rooney regaining his status. I love Eagles ^-^

Now I just want to see more of Dong.

Chelsea 2 Bolton 2

Thu 26/04/07 at 19:42
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AC Milan was a weird match.

By and large, Milan didn't have that many opportunities, it was the Kaka show going forward, but even then, but for one very impressive goal (that still had to sneak under Heinze's leg and catch Carrol flat-footed), they didn't threaten all that much.

Obviously the second Kaka goal was just a freakshow.

Then again, you could say that most goals are messy in some respects. Look at Ronaldo's.

But despite Milan's lack of teeth, in the first half they dominated the midfield.

A few years ago, English clubs in Europe always seemed to spend most of the match defending, trying to get a long ball out, giving it back to the other team, who came on the attack again.

Utd played this 'strategy' a lot in the first half.
(It was like the end of democracy, back to the old ways :^) )
In the second half they played their way forwards, kept possession, and were able to take some control in midfield.

I just don't understand why teams put themselves in that position. If you invite 90 minutes of constant attacking pressure, what do you expect to happen?

It's something England have been guilty of too.
You're just begging to get beat.

Seeing Utd playing like that, it seemed like they deserved to be behind by half-time.

Sadly I did't see the Liverpool - Chelsea game.
This is because I'm lame.
Wed 25/04/07 at 22:23
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
It seemed like a typical Chelsea V Liverpool game to me. Tight, not a lot of chances but the best ones fell to Chelsea. Not looking good for Liverpool now.
Wed 25/04/07 at 21:48
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Kaka's skills were amazing.

Anyone watch Chelsea Vs Liverpool?
Wed 25/04/07 at 10:40
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
Kawada wrote:
> Awww, denied :-D

Roooooney ^_^

what a match, next leg still gonna be hard though, stupid kaka with his away goals -_-

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