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"Ok this dutch gonna really.......enough said."

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Mon 26/05/03 at 17:08
Posts: 787
Ok, now this so called Dutch student is really bugging me. He posts for his site like seven times with different topic names. Hes like the worlds biggest spammer. Some one tell him to go to like the world life forum or something like that before I will start switching (something we do when we get angry, people dont know of the term 'switch') please for all our sakes do what I asked, thanks.
Thu 29/05/03 at 19:29
"!Basement Clucking!"
Posts: 364
Haha, smile say yes and keep them happy, thats what i always say ;)
Thu 29/05/03 at 19:26
Posts: 11,024
Alter Ego wrote:
> I will keep that in mind.

Cool. Normally I have to tell the sob story and turn on the water works before they agree.
Thu 29/05/03 at 19:08
"!Basement Clucking!"
Posts: 364
Blank wrote:
> Clever boy. Always do as I tell you and you'll be fine.

I will keep that in mind.
Thu 29/05/03 at 18:45
Posts: 11,024
I'm afraid they aren't filling enough. They're not filing enough either, terrible receptionists.

Try an orange. Filling, large, doesn't rot teeth, always answers the phone within two rings, oh, and it's orange.
Thu 29/05/03 at 18:18
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Always eat many a lemon.
With your eyes shut, or you'll get JUICE in them. Bad.

Lacking variety?
Have a lime!
Thu 29/05/03 at 18:09
Posts: 11,024
Clever boy. Always do as I tell you and you'll be fine.
Wed 28/05/03 at 23:28
"!Basement Clucking!"
Posts: 364
which is why i dont eat them regularly
Wed 28/05/03 at 23:03
Posts: 11,024
Although they rot your teeth due to high acidity. True.
Tue 27/05/03 at 19:59
"!Basement Clucking!"
Posts: 364
Eating lemons is easy, they taste so nice! Mmmmm lemons
Tue 27/05/03 at 19:54
"Vote For Pedro"
Posts: 5,679
Nope, open. Took me about 20minutes altogether I'd say.

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