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"SR World Cup 3- Team Selection"

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Thu 12/06/03 at 23:06
Posts: 787
Ok, the last one died on it's ar$e after I got robbed ( :( ) and this forum's started to quiten down, so I thought I'd try to liven it up again.

Don't be upset if you miss out on the big name teams, as Ecuador won the first world cup on a golden goal against france in the final :D

Same process as last time, you pick a team, when all teams chosen, all names go into a hat, and the groups are drawn. Only 2 newbies shall be allowed. The teams are:-

1 Argentina
2 Belgium
3 Brazil
4 Cameroon
5 China
6 Costa Rica
7 Croatia
8 Denmark
9 Ecuador
10 England
11 France
12 Germany
13 Ireland
14 Italy
15 Japan
16 Korea
17 Mexico
18 Nigeria
19 Paraguay
20 Poland
21 Portugal
22 Russia
23 Saudi Arabia
24 Senegal
25 Slovenia
26 South Africa
27 Spain
28 Sweden
29 Tunisia
30 Turkey
31 Uruguay
32 USA

Good luck and cheers for taking part!
Sun 15/06/03 at 14:59
"Conversation Killer"
Posts: 5,550
See if you can get the scorers and assists down at the end of every match
Would be cool to have top scorer and top assister list
Sun 15/06/03 at 14:43
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Great Summary there Mandy!

I think it's quite a good draw with most of the groups quite even, I just hope it turns out to be a good tournament.
Sun 15/06/03 at 14:41
"One Of A Kind"
Posts: 1,914
Looks like im in a not too bad group
Sun 15/06/03 at 14:35
"Conversation Killer"
Posts: 5,550
Group A
Denmark (Vamp)
Spain (Triple_H)
Senegal (AgentFrodo)
South Africa (Tom)

A very even group at first glance. The obvious team for qualification would be Spain.
For second place however, it is very hard to pick who will take it. If i had to choose, i would say South Africa could pip it!

South Africa

Group B
Ireland (Lindgren)
Italy (Longy)
Tunisia (Lucio)
Poland (Blank)

Another even group and probaly one of the best for equal skilled teams. The obvious team for qualification would be Italy.
However, i think Ireland could top the group with Italy behind in second.


Group C
England (Mandatare)
Uruguay (El Natbuc)
Russia (Pro Evo)
Sweden (Reynolds)

A very good group in terms of the teams. Didn't i just have to be in it ;) I don't see an obvious team for qualification with all 4 teams a threat to each other.
It is not baism when i say England will top the group. For second place however, i am pushed really hard but i will guess at Uruguay for second place, even if by goal difference.


Group D
Saudi Arabia (Figo)
Mexico (KR)
Slovenia (El Juicy)
Brazil (Spikecast)

Quite a mediocre group. Brazil are the obvious team for qualification.
Second place is quite obvious as well with Mexico coming second.

Saudi Arabia

Group E
Nigeria (Cid Vilante)
USA (lalakersrule)
Ecuador (Aliboy)
France (Sdrawkcab)

This is quite an even group except Ecuador even though they are reigning champions. France look obvious chocie for qualification.
Second place i think Nigeria could push for it, pipping USA to qualification.


Group F
Costa Rica (The craziest Col)
Argentina (HelloHowArtThou)
South Korea (FinalFantasyFanatic)
Belgium (DW)

Quite a mediocre group. First place is going to be Argentina, no argument.
Second place will be a battle between Korea and Belgium. Being the previous manager of Korea, i hope it will be them.

South Korea
Costa Rica

Group G
Croatia (Shadow)
Japan (Elf Ears)
Paraguay (GrandPrix)
Turkey (Unbeliever)

This is a very even group. I think Paraguay may come top of their group. The battle for second place will be tough but Turkey look
the obvious choice for it.


Group H
Portugal (Hercules!)
Cameroon (Sfonæ)
Germany (Absolut Neo)
China (Microchips)

The final group and another even one. Everyone may expect a battle between Portugal and Germany for first place but i'm going to upset everyone and say Cameroon will come first.
Second place will be edged by Portugal, maybe even by goal difference.


Thank you and good luck
Sun 15/06/03 at 14:22
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
Yay! Go Paraguay!
Sun 15/06/03 at 14:21
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Group H

Firstly...Portugal (Hercules!)

Joining him...Cameroon (Sfonæ)

Thirdly...Germany (Absolut Neo)

And The final team to be drawn is...China (Microchips)
Sun 15/06/03 at 14:17
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Group G

Firstly...Croatia (Shadow)

Joining him...Japan (Elf Ears)

Thirdly...Paraguay (GrandPrix)

And Finally...Turkey (Unbeliever)
Sun 15/06/03 at 14:14
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Group F

Firstly...Costa Rica (The craziest Col)

Joining him...Argentina (HelloHowArtThou)

Thirdly...South Korea (FinalFantasyFanatic)

And Finally...Belgium (DW)
Sun 15/06/03 at 14:11
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Group E

Firstly... Nigeria (Cid Vilante)

Joining him... USA (lalakersrule)

Thirdly... Ecuador (Aliboy)

And Finally... France (Sdrawkcab) (:O de ja vu)
Sun 15/06/03 at 14:09
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Group D

Firstly is... Saudi Arabia (Figo)

Joining the Saudis is... Mexico (KR)

Thirdly is... Slovenia (El Juicy)

And Finally... Brazil (Spikecast) (:O)

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