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"Hotmail dead?"

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Thu 26/06/03 at 11:10
Posts: 787
Been unable to get in this morning, anyone else having probs?
Thu 26/06/03 at 16:14
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Nah, some old PC as usual.
I phoned out IT and said "I cant get into hotmail". They checked and said "neither can we...dammit" and are working on it.

IT here are cool, they even let me install kazaa and quicktime to view movies
Thu 26/06/03 at 16:04
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
Same PC as usual Goatboy? If it is different then it is likely a firewall or something similar. Some company networks don't allow Hotmail. I got around that by installing Linux and making my machine dual boot...

Im so cunning. Then the techies yelled at me. Oh well...
Thu 26/06/03 at 15:58
"Z will be here soon"
Posts: 7,562
I've been on and off hotmail today because I have a lot of website work and get the details of what they want through email. I'v sent about 30 emails today, uck.
Thu 26/06/03 at 15:57
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
I had a similar problem a while back.

Norton Internet Security wouldn't allow me to sign in to secure sites, so I fixed it with a reinstall.

Try other secure sites, to see if they work also, and go from there.
Thu 26/06/03 at 15:53
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Have you ha a long, hard sweaty day of emailing then kyz?
Thu 26/06/03 at 15:38
"Z will be here soon"
Posts: 7,562
It's fine...

Has been all day for me
Thu 26/06/03 at 14:48
Posts: 374
who me no i like girls
woman i meen that are at least 16

PS im 16
Thu 26/06/03 at 14:43
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Yes, he DOES luv men.
Thu 26/06/03 at 14:40
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
I'm going to MANAT's house now.
I'm not going to make a topic about it though, not like dirty JBH.
Thu 26/06/03 at 14:38
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
any hole's a goal.
Maybe not MANAT's hole though.
More of an own goal.

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