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Fri 04/07/03 at 16:36
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Hi there people, we've finally picked a winner, sorry about the wait. The entries were certainly interesting... but were generally of a good quality, although I don't think some of you got the strict rules of design we have to follow! For example, no pictures of puppies!

Anyway, I decided to award Hercules the main £50 prize for his nicely designed Freeola homepage - the watery effects were quite lovely and the nice big globe has some good impact. It kept the important messages strong down the centre, and had plenty of good features. Well done Herc.

And for sheer persistent effort, we'll award Rickoss a £25 GAD for his multitude of entries. They were mostly kept simple, but had a few nice touches, particularly the blue bar rollover on the Freeola navigation. Nice. Scroll down and you can check out his many entries.

Another day, another Extra GAD over and done with (late, as usual). Hopefully the next one will be fun, and bring out the competitive edge in you... more details coming soon.



Hello my little monkey followers, glad to see you again. Those of you that have already received your gorgeous little magazine through the post will already know we've started another Extra Gameaday competition, but for those of you whose doormats remain mag-free, let me fill you in.

This time, we want you to design a new homepage for our website. If you're unsure what offers, check it out first before you start your design. Freeola is our ISP (internet service provider) and lets people access the internet, as well as offering great deals like Unlimited webspace and unlimited e-mail. It's tricky getting the right balance between a cool, professional-looking site and shouting out our great offers without looking tacky (ask Darkus) so you've got quite a task on your hands. You'll need to mention all the great benefits for joining Freeola, as well as including details on Freeola Broadband, Freeola Dial-Up and GetDotted domain names (technically part of Freeola). So there it is - a proper task for you. It's quite difficult and we couldn't be bothered to do it, so we thought we'd get you folks to do it for us. :)

You've got until midnight on Sunday August the 10th (I neglected to mention that in the club magazine) and you can e-mail your entries to the normal gameaday/competitions e-mail addy. Send in JPGs or other graphical files, code your own website (posting the link in this thread) or post your entries to: Special Reserve Freeola Homepage competition, Internet Department, 2 South Block, The Maltings, Sawbridgeworth, Herts, CM21 9JX. It's all good, baby.

As usual, the best entry we receive will win the game of their choice, up to the value of £50. Runners-up prizes may be awarded, depending on how generous we're feeling. The winning design may eventually be stolen and used by us, but by entering this competition you are of course giving us the right to use your ideas as we see fit, a bit like that Limp Bizkit fiasco where they stole all those songs, only without a big fat 30 yr old in a backwards red cap. You'll probably see the winning design in the next mag, if I'm feeling frisky.

Do our bidding, be off with you!
Mon 25/08/03 at 12:02
"Best Price @ GAME :"
Posts: 3,812
For a reason we cannot speak of - suffice to say he seriously angered most users and, more vitally, the staff.
Mon 25/08/03 at 11:59
"keep your receipt"
Posts: 990
Why has Herc been banned?
Thu 21/08/03 at 20:53
"QPR 1974"
Posts: 2,539
"Yeah, why not give it to that guy, he looks safe. WoRd"
Thu 21/08/03 at 13:48
"QPR 1974"
Posts: 2,539
Because of Herculés' chaotic behaviour I will happily take his prize on behalf of him.
Wed 20/08/03 at 18:17
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
Oh well.

*kills another puppy*
Wed 20/08/03 at 18:09
"+34 Intellect"
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Well done Herc and Rickoss.
Wed 20/08/03 at 16:20
Posts: 12,243
That made me rather happy.

My first graphic design which got me something.

Wed 20/08/03 at 15:15
Posts: 10,437
Well done Herc and cheers SR! :-)

Is there a new GAD logo, too? Looks different.
Wed 20/08/03 at 11:05
Posts: 6,592
Winners picked, congrats and all that.

Mon 18/08/03 at 16:12
"QPR 1974"
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