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"Brute Force"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Brute Force'.
Sat 05/07/03 at 22:12
Posts: 787
I decided it was high time I actually played Brute Force; for it was getting to the point where people were convincing me it was something other than a below par game. So earlier today, I nipped down to the local Blockbuster and picked up a two-night rental for £3.75. Returning home, I sat down and played it for a solid two hours with as open a mind as possible.

Well, lets start with the positives. Aside from a lack of anti-aliasing in places and some repetitive textures, the graphics are fantastic, with smooth animation and great effects. In addition to this, the sound is sharp, with team-mates barking orders at one another among crystal clear explosions and gunfire. All in all, it’s a brilliantly presented game that enhances the playing experience.

Unfortunately, that’s where things start going downhill. The basic premise of each objective is to make your way to a yellow dot on the radar, shooting through waves of enemies boasting varying weapons and appearances. Aswell as these enemies being incredibly stupid – they stay rooted to the spot when attacking and have little idea of what teamwork is – the weapons you can retrieve from them hardly vary in technique, aside from the sniper rifle and grenades.

As you may or may not have guessed, this becomes rather tedious rather quickly, due to the incredibly repetitive nature of the game. The interesting special abilities, and nice feeling when you pull of something particularly impressive do little to salvage the gameplay considering there’s also the frustrating, closed-in landscapes, linear structure and awful camera to take into account.

Whatsmore, despite this primarily being a squad based game, I never felt as though I was part of a team – just someone mindlessly shooting aliens. Four way play cannot rectify this either, with the positive aspect that you can work with your mates counterbalanced by the terrible visibility being multiplied tenfold.

From the praises that have been sung on this site, I was incredibly disappointed with Brute Force. You’d be fair to say that I may have already pre-formed opinions, or cannot judge so harshly on just a two hour play but really; shouldn’t such a great game have bowled me over? I didn’t enjoy this, but it’s not awful – more like average. GamesTM were wrong to give it 4/10 – but only just. Personally, for me, this a 5/10 game; better than the atrocity that was Ghost Recon, but a lot, lot worse than the excellent Conflict: Desert Storm.

[I will play this later tonight for more confirmation or, hopefully, a pleasant surprise. I doubt it though. My mind isn’t completely closed however, so feel free to counter-argue if you wish; this is just my opinion after all, and if you can convince me otherwise, you shall win a cookie]
Wed 09/07/03 at 21:10
Posts: 33,481
Mav you really have gone off on one about BF. I don't like quite a few Sega games and beat em ups but if I kept on posting about how poor I thought they were I would start to realy annoy people. I think with regards to the BF discussion some people have really had enough.

You said your piece.
I've said mine.
Mantis has said his.
Other have too.

Now lets just drop it.

Write a review of it on SR or something, get it out of your system. :)
Wed 09/07/03 at 21:06
Posts: 13,611
I was referring to the one they call 'Mantis'.
Wed 09/07/03 at 20:57
Posts: 33,481
GamesTM is a gay bloke? Do they clone him for each issue?
Wed 09/07/03 at 20:50
Posts: 13,611
Why deprive him of such joy? There's always room for GamesTM.

Even if he is a bit gay :).
Tue 08/07/03 at 22:56
Posts: 33,481
Mantis wrote:
> *Reads GamesTM*

Please don't. :D
Tue 08/07/03 at 22:50
"Oi you- sort it out"
Posts: 2,969
Mav wrote:
> It seems to me, that Microsoft have signed an ever increasing list of shoddy, exclusive titles.

That comment looks familier- hold on

*Reads GamesTM*
Tue 08/07/03 at 17:31
Posts: 13,611
For a moment there Mantis, I thought we were going to have a credible conversation. With the pack of rubbish you've just spouted, I can see that's not going to happen.
Mon 07/07/03 at 23:54
"Oi you- sort it out"
Posts: 2,969
Stop talking crap. You don't like the game yea fair enough, but when you look at it you are in the minority group. YH, Savatt, Hedfix, miklear(spell?) and I all find the game enjoyable, it has recived many "good" reviews, and the good reviews far outweigh the bad ones in terms of numbers.

Just because your view is against ours doesn't mean we're wrong. And stop saying Brute Force is a shoddy excusive, it makes you sound very fanboyish and I think it's far from the truth.

One more thing, It seams like I've only been talking about Brute Force for ages and I'm gettign sick of it. If anyone wants any gaming suggestions for Xbox I may recomend Brute Force to them as they MAY like it even if you didn't.
Mon 07/07/03 at 22:49
Posts: 13,611
Hedfix wrote:
> And I like Whacked, Fuzion Frenzy and Azurik. All of which are
> exclusive titles which many have deemed shoddy. You're wrong. They're
> all good fun.

I haven't played Whacked, but the other two really aren't that hot. On top of that, you've got Blinx, Tao Feng, Kung Fu Chaos and others; not to mention the newly added, Brute Force.
Mon 07/07/03 at 19:54
Posts: 14,117
I played a level today as Flint, and as I was looking through the sniper scope I could see the enemies ducking in and out from behind cover, and I'm playing on easy mode.

It took me a while to get used to the special abilites. To start off with I just ignored them, but they really do each have their place on later levels.

The draw distance is crap on some of the levels, namely the ones set on Ferix.

Overall I would give this 8/10, it's not a classic, but it is damn good fun.

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