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"Mini-comp for creative people"

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Sat 12/07/03 at 15:27
Posts: 787
I need a name for my website, i cant show you a pic of it or anything, but i would like someone to help me come up with a name for it. I was thinking of "constant velocity" or something similar. It has to sound modern etc, and was just wondering if any of you have any ideas. It also needs to have some sort of catchphrase. If you need any more info about the site just ask me, and the best one will win..... a mention on the site when finished. Thanks
Sun 13/07/03 at 22:37
"Proffesional Eejit."
Posts: 1,631
Sun 13/07/03 at 22:18
Posts: 11,024
If you think of any more email him at:

[email protected]

But I've only just hung up my coat!
Sun 13/07/03 at 22:16
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948

One for you Trekkies.
Sun 13/07/03 at 22:13
"++ Anti Antler ++"
Posts: 567
]-[M B L!!D wrote:
> ::::Public Vote::::
>++ Acetylene

18-bit Burning
Hither to thy God
Evil Empire (Oh wait, that's mine...)
Repressed Voltage
Higher Octane
Frozen Damnation

And I'm spent. Have fun. Oh, and don't blame me if they suck. I just pick mine from albums.
Sun 13/07/03 at 20:13
Posts: 11,024
Mystique wrote:
> er-no wrote:
> *****
> I've found my site name!

I'll get me coat.
Sun 13/07/03 at 20:08
"the burning sky"
Posts: 4,984
::::Public Vote::::
Cold-Ocelot or

Feel free to keep suggesting ideas tho'.
Sun 13/07/03 at 20:00
Posts: 18,775
er-no wrote:

I've found my site name!
Sun 13/07/03 at 18:29
Posts: 6,228
Intense Velocity!

Sun 13/07/03 at 17:12
Posts: 11,024
El Blokey wrote:
> Oxymoron's aren't deep.

But, but, what about Kelly Rowland's album "Simply Deep"? That means she's, like, sooooo deep an' stuff.
Sun 13/07/03 at 16:24
"the burning sky"
Posts: 4,984
EL Robin wrote:
> ]-[M B L!!D wrote:
> EL Robin wrote:
> Thanks for that....
> Do i win???
> Why thanks, i would just like to thank myself for being great and
> supporting me through these tough times...
> Um, stand up El Robin and take a bow...
> *bows*

Thanks for that.... :P

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