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"More Titles move to 360"

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Tue 20/03/07 at 13:07
"possibly impossible"
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Two typically Sony based franchises, Devil May Cry and Armoured Core, are scheduled in to the Xbox360 calender.

The reasons behind this are probably due to the company involved wanting to hedge their bets on the next generation and get as much return for spiraling costs of creating a game for these power-hungry machines. But with these titles announced for both machines, Microsoft seems to be the winner in the long run. While Sony has some of its own franchises lined up, Microsoft seems to have wowed larger firms like Capcom to create exclusives for the 360 and Microsoft Studios has some very big names under its belt, creating franchises all of its own.

Sony do seem to need to play catch up at this stage and make some announcements, however far ahead certain projects are, they need the support of more than just their loyal fans.

Anyway, good news for 360 owners (or owners-to-be) as more and more titles are coming their way.
Thu 19/04/07 at 17:06
"Brooklyn boy"
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Katamari news

Katamari indeed coming to the 360, hurrah
Thu 19/04/07 at 10:55
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i wish that mgs4 would be released on the 360 but it aint gonna happen.
Tue 27/03/07 at 15:32
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and now Capcom have confirmed the Lost Planet and Dead Rising are not coming to PS3.

You can hear the petitioners' heads popping from here. :D
Mon 26/03/07 at 19:23
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"We will boycott your games, except we're Sony fanboys and therefore boycotting your games means they'll sell less on the PS3 and further drive Capcom's titles onto rival platforms"

*Slow clap*
Wed 21/03/07 at 23:38
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Ace Combat too.




On his personal blog, the Microsoft Germany Product Manager Boris Schneider-Johne initially hinted that Devil May Cry 4 was part of a checklist of once-exclusive PlayStation games that Microsoft was aiming to bring to Xbox 360.

His blog, (which is German for 360), reads that Devil May Cry 4 was just the first of three. Schneider-Johne posted: "One down, two to go." Which was followed by the names of three games: "Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid."

The vague nature of the posting piqued gamers' interests: Was he revealing a corporate hit list or his own personal wishlist of games he wanted to see on Xbox 360?

A few hours later, after several sites, including, posted news stories on the subject, he posted this addition: "This is just a personal checklist of franchises that I and plenty of others would like to see on Xbox 360. In no way, shape or form is that an announcement list, an internal Microsoft shopping list, a "I know more than you do" list or something like that."
Wed 21/03/07 at 16:19
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It was to be expected.
Wed 21/03/07 at 12:26
"Copyright: FM Inc."
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Kawada wrote:
> Katamari is also moving to the 360 as well isn't it? All i need
> is for Nippon Ichi to go multi-platform and my dream will be
> realised

Only a rumour at this time. Someone took some pics using their mobile phone of a point of sale VDU in Blockbuster which showed 3 products in their database, one of which was 'XBox360 - Beautiful Katamari'. Full story is on IGN.

You could probably find XBox360 - True Fantasy Online' in their database too, and as far as I'm aware that won't be appearing anymore on the 360.
Tue 20/03/07 at 15:11
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Ooh, I didn't know Katamari was coming to 360. Nice.
Tue 20/03/07 at 14:02
"Brooklyn boy"
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Katamari is also moving to the 360 as well isn't it? All i need is for Nippon Ichi to go multi-platform and my dream will be realised
Tue 20/03/07 at 13:54
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Cue another great series hitting new levels of crap. It will never work on the PC but no doubt they will gimp both console versions to try and work on the PC.

I just hope Sony can pull another God of War out of the hat because this is going to happen with so many more games. All it needs now is Metal Gear to officially leave and they are well and truly raped in the ass. It's good to make games widely available but I am all for exclusives rather than gimped "games for everyone" versions.

Command and Conquer was a big kick in the nads with the 360 version for all the casual suckers and dumbed down difficulty among other major cut backs but this is a pretty killer hit. Was kinda hoping they'd build on the 3rd one but we'll probably end up with a game very similar quality to the 2nd, crap.

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