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"Your Christmas wish list from Father Gates..."

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Tue 16/09/03 at 00:17
Posts: 10,489
So the white snow is falling (or maybe not) and Father Gates has got his little elves working over time for jack sh*t pay :)

Those nas**ty thoughts aside what will you be slapping on your wish lis**t this Chris**tmas from a Microsoft point of view?

I am hoping to get LIVE well before so there will be some LIVE games on offer. However my main focus will be on the top single player games released over the coming months. So what will you be s**tuffing with your sock... or maybe s**tuffing in your sock?

Chris**tmas is looming and the games are getting fat, its time to seperate the maybes from the definite purchases...
Wed 17/09/03 at 23:38
Posts: 13,611
IGN always seem to be giving out ridiculously high scores.
Wed 17/09/03 at 20:58
"I dressed myself !!"
Posts: 494
My X-Mas List:

Top Spin
True Fantasy Live (if its out by then!)
Wed 17/09/03 at 19:19
Posts: 18,185
IGN are american...

remember that.
Wed 17/09/03 at 12:29
Posts: 21,800
Simpsons Hit and Run looks excellent. I should have it by the weekend, can't wait.
Wed 17/09/03 at 12:26
Posts: 10,489
Thats from the readers, I thought that was the IGN score. IGN gave it a solid 8.0!
Wed 17/09/03 at 12:25
Posts: 10,489
Simpsons Hit and Run scored 9.0 as well which is amazing considering who badly the others one scored.
Wed 17/09/03 at 12:22
Posts: 10,489
The reviewer who gave the score was one who hated the first RAW.
Wed 17/09/03 at 12:07
Posts: 21,800
IGN have given RAW 2 9.1.

Very high mark for a Wrestling game, but they gave the same kind of score to the original so I think I'll wait for a few more reviews.
Wed 17/09/03 at 11:58
Posts: 10,489
Nip over to IGN and download the latest RAW 2 videos. One of them is set in Hell in a Cell and its looking sweeter than ever. Its either that or Smackdown 5 depending on how RAW 2 handles the season mode.
Tue 16/09/03 at 23:59
Posts: 4,910
sPiKeCaSt wrote:
> PGR2
> WWE Raw 2
> Rainbow Six 3
> Amoped 2

I meant Amped...i need sleep!

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