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"Good old Tenchu!"

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Sat 20/09/03 at 10:24
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Picked up Tenchu 3 yesterday and boy its one hell of a game. I have been a pretty big fan of the series sincethe release of the first one and thankfully nothing has changed with the engine that has spoilt the formula. The draw distance is much improved so its nice to be able to see more of the area without having guards appearing from no where. I am liking the new stealth kills as well, especially the one which enables you to perform one from dropping off the edge of builings or walls.

So far it has lived up to its predecessors in every way so I am a muchos happy person :)

Your thoughts of the game?
Sun 28/09/03 at 23:17
"accidental superher"
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NEW TENCHU GAME coming out on ps2 in 2004...titled tenchu kurenai
the main characters in the game will be two female ninjas: rin and ayami (the official website has a picture of rin and ayami)
Sun 28/09/03 at 22:49
"accidental superher"
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Darwock wrote:
> What's wrong with that saving system?? The game actually presents a
> challenge rather than taking you by the hand all the way through it,
> sounds good to me.

i'm not asking it to take me by the hand...but having a checkpoint half way through a level wouldn't harm the game!
Sun 28/09/03 at 22:48
"accidental superher"
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yeah tenchu 3 is being ported to xbox (with added extras i think)
Sun 28/09/03 at 22:15
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I had tenchu on ps1, and I loved it.

I hope t3 is being released on xbox as my ps2 is dead
Sun 28/09/03 at 22:14
"" I like your Gun""
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Teshu is a sweet charcter, ihad the game for quite some time, i have to agree the combat is alittle un-realistic but even so great ideas and atmosphere,great game.
Mon 22/09/03 at 14:43
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
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What's wrong with that saving system?? The game actually presents a challenge rather than taking you by the hand all the way through it, sounds good to me.
Mon 22/09/03 at 14:14
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Pro Evo wrote:
> that the saving system is a little annoying and often holds
> the game back from being truely great. How are you finding that?

Used to it by now so it isn't a problem. It saves at the end of each mission however if you don't have a Ninja Rebirth item and you die towards the end of the mission you have to start again. Its not a complaint on my part as I am used to this system now. I am still enjoying it immensly, I would say its the best in the series so far.
Sat 20/09/03 at 22:07
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Nice Graphics
Sat 20/09/03 at 22:06
Posts: 5,848
Sat 20/09/03 at 21:17
"accidental superher"
Posts: 2,482
hate how you're so close to the end of the level and then fall down some hole and then have to redo the whole level again!
melee combat s*cks but hey it's about stealth so i'll forgive that

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