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"18th Birthday"

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Sat 17/04/10 at 18:29
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Decided to make a countdown for my 18th.

How long now?
Sun 18/04/10 at 16:22
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Good to see everyone sharing experiences! Not sure if I'm looking forward to it now.
Sun 18/04/10 at 14:37
Posts: 5,848
It's my 21st next year

In some ways I'm not looking forward to it. My 18th was pretty immense but I'm sure a couple of years ago I hadn't ruined my liver from all the student drinking and could withstand more...

Morning after was a little tame, fell asleep in the bath for a few hours, probably not the best move

It's the drinking since then that's really been horrible.. the Cobra Challenge (18 Cobras, the large bottles, in 2 hours) which did not end well. Not to mention apparently adding half a bottle of JD in there. I woke up in the bathroom with sick all over me, the floor, the shower curtains etc and spent the rest of the day throwing up and trying to scrub everything in the bathroom. Lovely

And that's not a one off either

Maybe I need help! Haha
Sun 18/04/10 at 13:11
Posts: 4,686
The 21st birthday is the one you want to look forward to Chris - usually you can handle more drink, have more mates from different places and less issues with people having no ID/too young.

My party was so immense that on the rare occasion I enter the pub I had it in, the landlord keeps begging me to have another party there. Well over a year ago and he is still at it!
Sun 18/04/10 at 08:34
Posts: 9,397
Yeah by the time anyone is 18 they have probably done everything they shouldnt have done before there 16th lol.

I dont make such a big deal about my birthdays. Infact my birthdays seem to take a back seat to New Year. I was born New Years Eve. People seem to think my birthdays must be great. I dont think so.

For my 30th though i want something different. Dont just want to go out to the clubs. I would like to hire a big room at a club Going to have it all 50's/60's Themed. Also want a nice Jukebox no daft party Djs. I would like every body to dressup from them times. I love all that music and i love all the clothes etc... i should honestly have lived through the 50's/60's.
Sat 17/04/10 at 23:58
"Feather edged ..."
Posts: 8,536
Vee wrote:
> My next special birthday that ill be hoping is a good one is my
> 30th. Not that far off it now. :-) Cant wait. Ill make the most
> of been 28 for now!

You go for it Vee :-) Can't quite see the anticipated 'buzz' of a forthcoming 18th birthday these days....years ago maybe, it seemed to mean something...some milestone, some unknown crossing of a barrier....but it's nothing so profound now. Whatever you think you might be've probably already done it and worse :))
Sat 17/04/10 at 22:48
Posts: 9,397
My next special birthday that ill be hoping is a good one is my 30th. Not that far off it now. :-) Cant wait. Ill make the most of been 28 for now!
Sat 17/04/10 at 21:54
Posts: 9,995
There are worse things you could have been covered in, being in a bathroom and all. Amirite?

For my 18th, I just had one of those reckless parties the papers warn you about, it was awesome.
Sat 17/04/10 at 19:36
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
I got hammered the night before my 18th and only remember waking up in my bathroom covered in moths!
Sat 17/04/10 at 19:14
Posts: 9,397
Sonic Chris wrote:
> Not decided yet. Will either be a pissup with mates, or a smaller
> event. I think I prefer the smaller event.

Yeah get bladdered after getting the gifts :P
Sat 17/04/10 at 19:13
Posts: 9,397
well my 18th was only 1999. So i remember it. I remenber the birth of my kids too :S Though id rather not lol.

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