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"Your most anticipated game of the moment"

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Fri 03/10/03 at 17:33
"I love yo... lamp."
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Yep. Just what game that is awaiting release are you most looking forward to?

For me it has to be Project Gotham Racing 2.
Tue 01/11/05 at 11:53
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Stalker would be the one that's got me hankering but just read this morning it's been put back to october 2006. How many times has that game slipped already? Beginning to get a duke nuke feeling about it. Other than that the new Morrowind sequel looks yummy.
Fri 28/10/05 at 11:37
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WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2006
Tue 25/10/05 at 21:40
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It has to be FM2006, obviously.
Sat 02/04/05 at 13:26
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Currently Doom 3: apart from Halo I've not played another co-op enabled game in ages.
Sat 02/04/05 at 13:22
"Comfortably Numb"
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Obv. Half Life 2.
Sat 02/04/05 at 13:05
"Brooklyn boy"
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Now i've got Phantom Kingdom, had a play on it for a week or two and gone all fanboy for Nippon-Ichi once again tis time for me once again to get into fanboy gear for Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana coming out this week i believe in America.

2D sprite turn based RPG action ... Luvvvverly
Sat 26/03/05 at 17:29
"Fishing For Reddies"
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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. THE complete package. Ubi have even said they'll guarantee more Co-Op maps/missions - i'd pay for those - and probably will.

Conker, F.E.A.R, Lock Down, Pariah, to a degree..

But above all (except SC:CT) it probably has to be Battlefield 2.

Ahhh..sweet PC FPS's... Mouse and Keyboard, thou are the best. Just need to pay-off my 6800 GT!
Tue 22/03/05 at 23:54
"period drama"
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What he said.

Resi 4 should be coming in a few days ... that'll be grand.
And then after that, I'm looking at New Zelda. I do believe it might just be the best game ever made. And I'm usually quite cynical with games.
Tue 22/03/05 at 17:11
"It's so,so cold"
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I can't wait for the new Legend of Zelda and even though it's out I can't wait to play Resident Evil 4.
Mon 21/03/05 at 19:09
"Hello, Mr Freeman!"
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Personally, I can't wait for F.E.A.R.
It looks quite amazing!

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