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"Special Reserve To Nice Part 2 ( EVERYBODY READ PLEASE )"

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Sat 15/09/01 at 21:27
Posts: 787
I am disgusted at what just occurred on MSN. I thought that us Britons have class but I have clearly been proven wrong by the actions of The Dogfather.

About half an hour ago on MSN, I dont even want to repeat. He continuously insulted Atomic Koala about things that AK will tell you himself. He insulted AK's family and that is just somewhere where you do not delve. I shall post an excert from the MSN convo:

I am God = Dogfather
Stef = AK
Shaneo = Shaneo

Shaneo - Cash Made From Ciao: 9.08 says:
I want u 2 to resolve this

I Am God says:

Stef says:
hold on, im doing something constructive

Shaneo - Cash Made From Ciao: 9.08 says:
good good

Stef says:
what is their to resolve

Shaneo - Cash Made From Ciao: 9.08 says:
nothing much

Stef says:
he said something that i will never be able to forget

I Am God says:

Shaneo - Cash Made From Ciao: 9.08 says:

Shaneo - Cash Made From Ciao: 9.08 says:
Tom, would u mind leavig now

I Am God says:
You pathetic people

Shaneo - Cash Made From Ciao: 9.08 says:
You are the pathetic one Tom

Shaneo - Cash Made From Ciao: 9.08 says:
You don't go around attacking someone's family like that

Shaneo - Cash Made From Ciao: 9.08 says:
It hurts

I Am God says:
Oh, someone typed something rude to me on the net and I'm never gonna forget it

I Am God says:
My a**e

Stef says:
thats the problem with first impressions, you only get one

Shaneo - Cash Made From Ciao: 9.08 says:
I wouldnt forget it either Tom

I Am God says:

Shaneo - Cash Made From Ciao: 9.08 says:
That was mean

I Am God says:
Shaneo you just take the side of whoever you fancy at the time

Shaneo - Cash Made From Ciao: 9.08 says:
No I don't

Shaneo - Cash Made From Ciao: 9.08 says:
I defend whoever the hurt party is

I hope that you lot don't take this as a joke because it's no laughing matter. Dogfather called AK's parents "f***ing homos" , mocked AK's name, among others.

Please share my sympathy with AK through this time for him. Read his post that should be up soon to understand properly.
Sun 03/02/02 at 17:32
"Wasting away"
Posts: 2,230

Ahhhhh, we're all back and love each other now.

Sun 03/02/02 at 17:27
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
why you posting for no point in these old topics??
Sun 03/02/02 at 17:24
"Shermer, Illinois?"
Posts: 793
Another blast from the past - enjoy!
Sun 16/09/01 at 11:19
"( . ) ( . )"
Posts: 3,279
Yeah Tom.
Sun 16/09/01 at 11:17
Posts: 0
The Dogfather wrote:
Everyone has
> different reactions to different situations and it just turned out
> this time that AK didn't take it the way I thought he would

Well, I want this to drop but I've gotta say, how did you expect me to take what you said?
Sun 16/09/01 at 11:12
"I am your father"
Posts: 537
Here I am and right now I am expecting a value on my body to be found lying somewhere like in a canal. But I am hoping that the people of SR will have the maturity to forget all of this, a joke that has become out of hand and a site that hopefully will ignore it as I feel it has nothing to do with this place.

Everyone has different reactions to different situations and it just turned out this time that AK didn't take it the way I thought he would, all of you probally think I'm lying and want me out of here ASAP but there are certain things in life that just aren't that easy.

Sorry to anyone who found offense in this in any way what-so-ever, but it's just a case of following everyone else and believe. You start off telling a joke then in a matter of an hour I am Suddam Hussain. The most hated person in the world.
Sun 16/09/01 at 10:27
Posts: 0
I'm willing to drop this now, me and dogfather both know where we stand and thats that.
Sun 16/09/01 at 08:24
"( . ) ( . )"
Posts: 3,279
Those are fairs comments and I'm not going to ridicule you because I beleive in freedom of speech ( within reason ). Dogfather hurt AK and myselve's feelings and he has even attempted to humiliate us infront of all of you. I believe that turnabout is fair play. But anyway, lets all let this topic sink as a compromise. I have achieved what I wanted, and this is to get Dogfather back for swearing at me, trying to humiliate me and AK, constantly throwing profanity around and having some very sick thoughts. When he was Dr.Shipman, his tag was "Want an appointment" , now that IS VERY sick. Tom, if you're reading this, I apologize for nothing as I did onto others as they did onto me but I would aporeciate it if you stayed out of me, AK and Ant's way.

Sun 16/09/01 at 00:41
"360: swfcman"
Posts: 6,953
I have to agree with Seifer, there is no need to bring this onto the SR site, there will be a lot of people who like him including me. There is no reason he should be banned from here, im not having a go at anyone but this should really be ignored as he admits to what he said but it was only meant to be a joke which can not be seen through text as clearly as in person. Dogfather is a good person so dont start to attack him when he online.
Sun 16/09/01 at 00:31
Posts: 0
OK, I know I'm going to get ridiculed for this, but if no-one is willing to stand for this guy then I will, and I don't care what you people are going to think about me after this. This is my opinion, and you all must respect this, as it is coming from someone who talks nearly everynight with this guy. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you all, and I don't want to lose it. I would read the whole of this post because you wont understand it otherwise.

Some of those comments posted by Shaneo have been made up, I have been talking to the Dogfather and he does not deny what was posted in the original post, but he has said that he was not talking seriously, he didn't mean what he had said. I know what the Dogfather was going on about because I went through something similar with Goatboy once before but I apologized to him and he accepted it

This event happened on MSN, so why did you drag it onto the SR site? It has nothing to do with this site, he will not be banned on this site because he has not posted anything offensive on this site, he can come on this site whenever he pleases because he has not posted anything offensive on this site, so for those of you who are asking for his head are going to be rather disappointed because he wont be banned.

Shaneo and AK- keep your arguments on MSN, and keep your opinions of other people to yourself, don't let half of the SR site hate someone because you can not take a joke. I know that it didn't look like a joke or anything like that but I'm being serious.

I have high amounts of respect for all of you, and I hope that you realise that some of what was written was not truthful and with no intent

The reason why the Dogfather hasn't been on to defend himself is because he is not online, he will be tomorrow, and he will answer.

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