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"Gamecube outsells Ps2 and Xbox"

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Thu 09/10/03 at 00:18
Posts: 126
According to gamespot the Gmecube outsold the Ps2 by 20 percent in the U.S in the month of October and the Xbox by a whopping 145%. This might mean that companies like Acclaim or Eidos could give the cube a second chance!
Thu 09/10/03 at 22:57
Posts: 18,185
LŠR wrote:
> I am off to trade Freedom Fighters in at Gamestation for some sales
> figures!

Go on then...
Thu 09/10/03 at 22:53
Posts: 379
'Bout time the 'cube did well
Thu 09/10/03 at 20:48
"The mighty GE90-115"
Posts: 5,344
*Does a little dance on PC keyboard
Thu 09/10/03 at 19:13
"Want a cd key.."
Posts: 3,443
Yay go GC.

I must admit, most of my friends would rather play Super Monkey Ball/2 than anything else. The other.. month or something, we had a PS2 set up, and a GameCube. SMB2 on the GC, and Fifa2003 on the PS2.

SMB2, we had about 6 players waiting for a go. Sort of like level or life sort of thing. And.. erm, most people played that.

I think with GameCube its more to do with giving it a chance, then it shines. Brilliently.

But for now, I'm off to play TimeSplitters 2, which still rules.
Thu 09/10/03 at 16:27
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825

I already have one!

Thu 09/10/03 at 15:31
Posts: 143
this is obviously great news for all us 'tendo fans but im not gonna jump for joy until the following weeks sales. there is a possibility that the cubes sales could drop to its usual (not very good) level. in a way its like sayin the sales in a store were up because they had a sale or a promotion. and i know that nintendo arent havin a sale, that $99 is here to stay, but still.

what do we think?
Thu 09/10/03 at 10:09
Posts: 33,481
Thu 09/10/03 at 10:06
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
*Bathes in cube related glory*
Thu 09/10/03 at 10:04
"Wants Spymate on dv"
Posts: 3,025
And just to think, certain anti-Nintendo forum members fully guaranteed that the GC would be "dead in six months". They said that about seven months ago now if I remember correctly.

Oh how wrong they were.
Thu 09/10/03 at 09:58
Posts: 643
The full article:

"Those calling for price drops in the Xbox and PS2 got some major ammunition today, with Nintendo announcing that its recently discounted GameCube is the top-selling console in the US.

In a statement, Nintendo cited figures that had the Cube outselling Sony's PlayStation 2 by a solid 20 percent during the week of October 4. The spread was even wider for Microsoft's Xbox--GameCube sales surpassed Xbox sales by a whopping 145 percent. Unfortunately, hard sales numbers won't be available until the next Toy Retail Sales Tracking Service (TRSTS) report.

The figures are a vindication for Nintendo's bold price cut last month, which dropped the GC's price from $149 to just $99. It is possible that the high sales numbers will help convince skittish publishers that the platform is here to stay. It may even convince Eidos, who announced last month it would no longer support the platform, to give the GameCube a second chance. "

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