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"My Halo won't work"

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Wed 15/10/03 at 22:04
"Evil Always Wins!"
Posts: 129
Someone please help me, I just bought Halo for PC and it won't work. The beginning is fine show who made the game and all that, but then the screen just starts flickering. I can hear the sound and things are happening (the game is working) but I can't see anything. Anyone know what to do?
Thu 30/10/03 at 23:20
"with a blunt knife"
Posts: 456
It's not actually that demanding. I'm running it on a Geforce2 with a Athlon Xp 1.6Ghz processor and the graphics are great.
Thu 30/10/03 at 23:19
"with a blunt knife"
Posts: 456
Make sure you have the latest drivers for your GeForce and also the latest version of DirectX. Hope that helps. Might.
Tue 28/10/03 at 17:46
Posts: 4,098
Damn Halo for being so demanding...

*shakes fist*
Sun 26/10/03 at 14:53
Posts: 15,443
Bung a GeForce3 in, they work perfectly on full settings.
Sun 26/10/03 at 08:43
"Evil Always Wins!"
Posts: 129
I did tell you my graphics card, just scroll down a bit.
Sat 25/10/03 at 11:43
Posts: 2,774
but you havent yet told us what your graphics card is (if you even have one in).

tell us, and if it's obvious...
Sat 25/10/03 at 11:42
"Evil Always Wins!"
Posts: 129
Not true. Nobody has solved my problem, and I've been on many chat forums to get help. I even sent an E-Mail to Microsoft, but never got a reply. What a shock.
Sat 25/10/03 at 10:47
Posts: 2,774
same thing as always. if you can tell us:

what's your:

Monitor and size, and resolution currently chosen for halo.
Graphics card <- primary problem in most cases
Windows version, e.g W98, XP etc.

tell us each of those if you can, and im sure SOMEONE will spot the problem.
Fri 24/10/03 at 23:21
Posts: 1
i also got halo and mine wont even run i retry it and it says halo is alredy running on this machine but it aint as im here, it opens a small box saying halo- fatal error halo is already running if that helps, i have all the updates graphics wise direct x and stuff but no game pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help
Thu 16/10/03 at 16:43
"Tornado Of Souls"
Posts: 5,680
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