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"To be the biggest failure ever?"

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Fri 17/10/03 at 18:00
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577

Less than 500 N-Gages sold in game retailers during launch week. Don't know how many sold in phone retailers.

Still, that is abysmal. And it's been advertised.
Mon 12/01/04 at 14:24
"MaSTeR Of DArkNeSs"
Posts: 58
I think its ridiculous that Nokia think they can compete with Handheld giants like Nintendo and of course, when its relased, the PSP! Plus its been advertised everywhere and still no-one has bought it! Ha!

"This is where i missed the target..." <-----No, not the advert, quote from Nokia Manager.
Tue 16/12/03 at 07:37
Posts: 14,437
Back when I had a Sony Ericsson P800, I really enjoyed the games on it. There was a Men in Black 2 shooting game (Virtua Cop-style) and a Stunt Racer er, racing game.

I must admit they were far more enjoyable than my experiences with the N-Gage.

And the P900 has an exclusive version of V-Rally! Those phones are really worth their prices (if you shop around, you won't have to pay the 400+ price tag).

I want!

Even the Nokia 3650 got it right with its' games. At least you could play Doom on that.
Sun 14/12/03 at 13:04
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
Nokia's problem is that they don't do proper evaluation. Don't know how much you get taught about mobiles on your course Icky, but it might surprise you to know that when Nokia released the 9000 Communicator a few years back, they had no idea who would buy it. AFTER it was released they evaluated it.

Some methods included having people follow folk who owned the phone, whilst taking notes. True you know.
Sun 14/12/03 at 11:59
Posts: 482
The N-gage is crap!
The design and the controls are truly pathetic.
And the games must be a joke.
N-gage has only ported games from the ps1 and gba.
Yesterday I was at a store wich had a demo for the n-gage, so I tried the Tomb Raider game wich was supposed to be good.
It sucked to be honest.
The graphics were ugly and the gameplay were boring.
The ported games from the gba was not the best choice Nokia could have done.
They must understand that on the gba they were good, but on the n-gage they are a bit out-dated.
Why can not the tapwave zodiac be released here in Europe!

Just bring it on Nokia, Nintendo will defend your attacks!!!
Sun 14/12/03 at 09:41
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
NGAGE will still have to invest a hell of a lot more in advertising if its going to change peoples mind of the ngage. anyone who mentions ngage would probably think "thats that piece of crap right" or something similar in context. Most of the games are half arsed anyway.
Sun 14/12/03 at 00:28
Posts: 15,443
The controls are rather awkward with most of the games I played, so a redesign should be the right decision. In fact, they shouldh ave just spotted that it was awkward to use at launch.
Sat 13/12/03 at 23:51
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
I went into a high street video GAME store today and asked them if they had actually sold any N-Gages at all. They have sold, so far, a grand total of 3.

They have heard a rumour that it is to be redesigned. I think that would be the best thing. If I could play one without a SIM card, if I could change games without taking the battery off and if the screen was landscape instead of portrait, it would be a much better system. It has the power, just not the design.
Sat 13/12/03 at 15:44
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
well, an xbox would be better then a ngage. It can deflect bullets1

I personally think that Ngage is being far too clever by being 2 things once making an incredably ulgy hybrid of a machine. The graphics whiles better then the GBA is no where as good or decent. Hopefully they should drop the price and change the shape will save it from damnation.
Sat 13/12/03 at 00:53
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
Something bad has happened to me lately. Despite knowing that these.. things are poor, I very nearly bought one today.
Sat 25/10/03 at 19:14
Posts: 15,443
Having now bought the mag and given it a good read, I can confirm that it really is not worth the cover price. The PC version was much better and varied while the Xbox had to make do with "Top ten things to do with your Xbox" feature, which is rather disappointing, especially coming from Edge.

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