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"Stupid Stupid people"

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Sat 25/10/03 at 17:55
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729

...Unless you bought PES3.

I was walking into GAME to check out the chart and WHAT?!?!?!?

1. FIFA 2004 (2 rows)

2. Pro Evo 3(1 Row)

I promptly changed the rows around only to be told to leave by a worker wearing a FIFA shirt, I hissed at him and got escorted out.

True story.

I hate the public, and I hate the people watching adverts thinking that makes a game good, I hate people buying a game with "DYNAMIC WEATHER EFFECTS" to find sunshine, I hate people that buy a game for "Off the ball control" to find that PES has been doing this for years and I finally hate people that buy a game because it's online (Atleast buy PES aswell!)

*Rant *Rant* *Rant*
Mon 27/10/03 at 16:43
"Taste My Pain"
Posts: 879
I meant less, of course...
Mon 27/10/03 at 16:42
"Taste My Pain"
Posts: 879
Badgerman wrote:
> *Rant *Rant* *Rant*

Are you some sort of psycho? You're having a major rant because the game you like gets more shelf space than a game you don't?

Holy crap, you must have fits every time you pick up a magazine and read the charts. I'm surprised you managed to complete typing this post, considering the amount of uncontrollable twitching you must suffer from.
Mon 27/10/03 at 16:39
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
I didn't buy either - am I still damned?
Mon 27/10/03 at 14:19
" Crazy!"
Posts: 1,768
Darwock wrote:
> So are EA charging subscription fees to play this online? Does it have
> voice communication?

No charge whatever.

No voice in lobby area but constant voice during the games, meaning you dn't press a button down.
Mon 27/10/03 at 13:28
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
So are EA charging subscription fees to play this online? Does it have voice communication?
Mon 27/10/03 at 00:17
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Well Badgerman as long as like me you've chosen the smart option and gone for PES3 and left the evil crappy Fifa alone then there's not really a problem. Just feel smug and laugh at all the little people who bought Fifa over the greatest footie title ever (after sensible world of soccer hehe)
Sun 26/10/03 at 19:45
"  "
Posts: 7,549
Hey, can't play probably until next saturday, but you can add me to your EA Messanger if yee likes. Nath10Keane.
Sun 26/10/03 at 19:43
Posts: 4,910
whats ya name online natbuc? i'll be on at 8:15, fancy a game? Spikecast is my username
Sun 26/10/03 at 19:41
"  "
Posts: 7,549
The games really excellent, regardless that PES3 is better in several ways. But online is excellent. The problems with connecting seem to be people with poor connections. Try to choose people at the top of the list with high pings. Also you may have found that people instantly turn down a challenge. Well that's because they are trying to challenge someone at the same time. Works fine for me.
Sun 26/10/03 at 19:05
Posts: 4,910
I've played around 26games, but it is on and off, got about 4 games in a row now i can't play, bloody annoying! But i like it online

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