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"Discuss...she should be shot right?"

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Wed 24/03/10 at 20:20
Posts: 4,686
Gaming is evil

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EDIT: and as for the title, the idea to shoot was not related to videogames in any shape or form.
Tue 30/03/10 at 08:25
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
I wonder if Al-Qaeda's main root issue is too much call of duty?

World peace is now one step close guys!
Tue 30/03/10 at 08:18
Posts: 4,686
Edgy wrote:
> Didn't TV have to go though all this fear crap when we were kids?
> (that's moreso going to be for the older generation to answer...)

It's ok...when 3D TV is available (or virtual reality for that matter...) videogames will be left alone...
Tue 30/03/10 at 08:00
Posts: 15,681
Maybe Hamilton's crash on the weekend was down to videogames.

Maybe the bomb attacks in Moscow were down to videogames.

Maybe the various crimes in the world taking place every day are down to videogames.

Or maybe, as normal, they're being blamed as a scapegoat for all the world's problems.

Didn't TV have to go though all this fear crap when we were kids? (that's moreso going to be for the older generation to answer...)
Mon 29/03/10 at 11:33
Posts: 4,686
Its quite embarrassing really how the media use games and films as a scapegoat in everything.

"The rise in Cider was down to the amount of drinking scenes in GTAIV"

"The driver of the Subaru that tumbled into a ditch was said to have been playing DiRT 2 before taking to the wheel. Colin McRae was unavailable to comment"

It's never:

"Lewis Hamilton got involved in F1 racing because he enjoyed a racing game on his PSOne..."

Thu 25/03/10 at 17:57
"Embrace the Martian"
Posts: 285
LOL, gotta love ignorance.
Thu 25/03/10 at 14:16
"Tip The Scales"
Posts: 869
Yes, it was ridiculously bias'd. Yes, it was against games and they completely ignored the facts that were brought up by the pro-gaming side of the argument. It is exactly what the media do, and I'm just used to it now.
Thu 25/03/10 at 12:42
"Tempus Fugit"
Posts: 426
It seemed to be quite a poor format for raising this point on, since those who watch the Alan Titchmarsh show and are in the audience are likely to be of "certain age". Therefore, of course they are going to be anti-gaming, what it boils down to is jealousy, that when they were young they didn't have as good games as we have now.

Like spoonbeast said, cowboys and indians or 'war' are played in primary school playgrounds before they even get close to 15 rated games. In addition, surely many of these games could be viewed as an outlet for frustration or anger, as opposed to hyping it up as thes people suggest.

Why, was Kelvin McKenzie there, isn't he, or used to be editor of the mirror, or the daily mail, surprised he didn't start blaming the government!
Wed 24/03/10 at 22:16
Posts: 9,995
Call of Duty 2? I would've used that as an example that most parents don't even know what their kids are playing. What should we do? Ban video games?I wonder what they would blame then, when some kid from a broken home shoots up a school.
Wed 24/03/10 at 22:12
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
Yeah, i must admit she was just showing ignorance of the highest order. The cvg editior just didn't stand a chance especially when everyone was already hostile and were of an age that didn't play games.

Prejudice at its height. Lack of information to base an understanding is wrong and stupid. But really if you want to argue violence in video games you'll need more then a10 minuate slot on a tv show.

Perhaps her hatred stems from the fact she had a part in a horror game that was horrorable in more ways then one. IE It was poo.

Crappy game Julie starred in

Why can't people realise this: These games were made for adults or people the government deemed as adults. Adults are people who can tell right from wrong, fact from fiction, reality from virtual reality. In fact children can. Why do they not understand that its up to parents just as much as the gaming industry to restrict material to minors? Why is it that people don't understand the PEGI or the age certificate in games and believe ignorance is an arguement or a defence of negeliance of parenting(the bbfc label is right there. You're telling me you can't see it?). Why don't they realise the violent aspect is not the main aspect of the appeal to these games (although people might say otherwise). Theres no evidence of video game leading to crime. I've played cowboys and indians, i've pretended to shoot them in the face, slice their throats and butcher them in the playground but never felt i would do it to a real one. I've stolen cars and shot cops in police but i don't get the urge to run out on the street and mimic it. Those that do are brain dead retarded.

Ok, they may have an arguement when it comes to gaming addiction that leads to social problems. But games leading to violence. Come on!

EDIT: doesn't she have a twittter or Webpage with forums? Perhaps we could argue the case of violent video games there...
Wed 24/03/10 at 21:57
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
Where the hell did they dig that old battleaxe up from ?.Listening to her you would think most kids can't leave the house without hadoukening some poor dude in the face !.

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