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"Tell me about true crimes: streets of LA"

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Wed 12/11/03 at 21:13
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I just saw an advert for it, and decided it doesnt look bad, but would like to know how it plays, controls, programming, flaws ect, so, anyone?
Fri 23/04/04 at 17:41
"None Stored"
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Holy thread revivial Batman!
Fri 23/04/04 at 16:06
"the immobilizer"
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true crime is an excellent game just very easy and the controls at certain times can be very awkward especially driving but apart from that its very good the fighting simulations are great overall id say 8/10 in my opinion anyway
Thu 22/04/04 at 21:13
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It doesn't look that good I think I had the demo but i thought you couldn't control the cars that good
Sun 11/04/04 at 12:50
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GasMask wrote:
> Dont listen to what people say, rent it yourself and see. 99% of
> people on here say its crap, I however think its excellent.
> But I completed it so I'm trying to swap it for NFS:U.

Haven't played True Crime, but I found NFS:U to be the very definition of average. It did exactly what it said on the tin, without attempting to do anything different.
Wed 07/04/04 at 11:10
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I was actually surprised with True Crime. It's witty and humourous, and made me laugh from time to time, but it's also much fun. The Gun combat is great, and the hand-to-hand combat is impressive - the driving is also just as good with being able to shoot forwards and take out cars you're chasing, and even aim yourself in bullet time if you choose to do so.
Lots of fun and Plenty of character in the star of the game, Nick Kang.

Better than Grand Theft Auto in my opinion.
Tue 06/04/04 at 15:18
"Anyone Got A Pizza"
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I think it Sucks
Wed 03/03/04 at 20:47
"Mole Hole"
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The driving is terrible

Thats what I think
Fri 20/02/04 at 12:51
"Green & White Army"
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After playing games like GTA it feels quite weird. The cars seem harder to control and it seems very glitchy. But after an hour or so of playing you forget about that and begin to notice the excellence that it is. You forget all about the bad points. Its no GTA but its a damn good play.
Sun 28/12/03 at 00:19
"Want a cd key.."
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Dont listen to what people say, rent it yourself and see. 99% of people on here say its crap, I however think its excellent.

But I completed it so I'm trying to swap it for NFS:U.
Sun 14/12/03 at 19:00
Posts: 482
It is actually a good game.
But the short time you use to complete the game and the flaws in the game makes the value of the game drop.
And it is also a bit repetive if you compare it with the gta-games.
Those errors do not make the game bad but if Luxoflux had done something about it, the game would be one hell of a masterpiece.
The good/evil system, the huge city, the different fighting styles that were mixed into the game and the search for the dojos were top notch and made the game truly enjoyable.

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