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"Pro Evo Soccer 3 - help me, please!"

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Mon 15/12/03 at 12:03
"something in the ai"
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To win me extra special points as a girlfriend...
Can anyone tell me how to unlock the world/european all-stars teams?
Fri 19/12/03 at 11:28
"  "
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Isn't there a section in the edit mode where you choose the all-star player selection? I guess that means the teams are on there somewhere.

Hello Dave and AJ. :P
Tue 16/12/03 at 19:49
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Valentino Rossi wrote:
> Afro, completely off subject, where's Nat nowadays ?


Natbuc? Dunno. Didn't really talk to him that much. :-)
Tue 16/12/03 at 13:18
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Wow, my typing has gotten bad, it's lik ebeing a newbie again :D
Tue 16/12/03 at 13:17
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They're for loading in you're own Master League teams into competitions or friendlys.
Tue 16/12/03 at 09:06
"something in the ai"
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Then why are there still two spaces on the team sheet after all the classic teams are filled?
Tue 16/12/03 at 01:51
"360: swfcman"
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AfroJoe wrote:
> AfroJoe wrote:
> Nope, they're not in my game.
> And if they're not in mine, they're not in your's.
> They don't exist.

Opps, my bad. In my eagerness to due my duty and be helpfull i confused them with the classic teams too. Either way, she can still wow her boyfriend or whatever and inform there are no such thing.
Mon 15/12/03 at 15:59
"something in the ai"
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I know....surely that can't be fair!
I'm sure there must be a way - I'll just have to find out what it is to win the best bird award!
Mon 15/12/03 at 15:49
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Oh dear, no brownie points fo you.
Mon 15/12/03 at 15:34
"something in the ai"
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But don't you have to do something to get them? Or are you saying they aren't in this version... That can't be right!
Mon 15/12/03 at 15:33
"Dont come here ofte"
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Afro, completely off subject, where's Nat nowadays ?

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