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"Five years of forum."

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Thu 18/02/10 at 01:44
Posts: 9,995
Here's to five more, I guess.
Sun 07/03/10 at 02:35
Posts: 9,995
*shy wave*
Sun 07/03/10 at 00:31
"Fishing For Reddies"
Posts: 4,986

Special Reserve!


Hi fellas. :)
Sun 21/02/10 at 02:31
Posts: 23,216
The order is bizarre, now that you mention
Sun 21/02/10 at 00:41
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
I've been here just over eight and a half years, so about 23% of my 37 years.

EDIT I really wish they'd make the 'Reply' button the first thing that gets highlighted when you tab out of the post text box.
Fri 19/02/10 at 21:27
Posts: 23,216
Edgy wrote:
I bet you remember when every game had its own forum with
> sub-threads.
> Those were the days...

I remember when they hadn't locked the forumid's so you could type in any number and make your own forum, that was great fun
Fri 19/02/10 at 11:39
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
I've only been on here for about 3 years.Only found the place when I was recommended Freeola as an ISP a few years ago.I was desperate to get free from Tiscali (who were dreadful) and someone on another forum recommended an Enta powered provider.Picked Freeola purely by chance TBH,they are very good though to be fair.

[S]hoping the forthcoming EGAD award is for blatant ass kissing ! :)[S]
Fri 19/02/10 at 08:25
Posts: 4,488
I used to have a SR user a long time ago, but then i stopped coming on and stumbled back on here one day to see it was all new!

I have no idea what my username was, i did win a couple of times back then.
Fri 19/02/10 at 08:16
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Think mine was May or June 2000.

My first post was under the username Pablo, not that I've ever been able to find it again.

Still, good times.
Fri 19/02/10 at 08:13
Posts: 4,686
Not as impressive, but 5.6 years here - I'm 22 next month - so pretty much just over 25% of my life I have been registered with this community.'s scary when you look at it like that!
Fri 19/02/10 at 08:05
Posts: 15,681
Grix Thraves wrote:
> 40% of my life. 10 of 25 years

Approximately the same for me too.

I bet you remember when every game had its own forum with sub-threads.

Those were the days...

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