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"Donkey Kong and Yoshi...climbing up a tree..."

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Thu 29/01/04 at 20:59
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Su-per-smash bro-thers-me-le้!

See what they get up to when you're not looking at the screen with this real screenshot :D

Be warned, photo is really from SSBM! Plus if you're easily offended by points of view, don't go there
Fri 30/01/04 at 22:01
Posts: 842
Hedfix wrote:
> We used to make Mario 'hump' Yoshi on Super Mario World by tapping
> down while he was on Yoshi.
> Funny stuff.

In pokemon, I noticed that while on a bicycle, keep on holiding up while being stopped by a person. Intriguing.
Fri 30/01/04 at 20:34
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Bill Gates has just offered Mario a big opportunity :D

Same link.
Fri 30/01/04 at 20:04
Posts: 15,681
Heh, never tried that one :D
Fri 30/01/04 at 19:34
Posts: 7,741
Some sad friend on mine used to sit for ages playing with the character select screen on Melee choosing "Mario" "Fox" "Luigi" over and over.

Well.. anyway.. it was funny the first time the announcer pronouces Fox as "Fux"..
Fri 30/01/04 at 13:30
Posts: 15,681
CGJ wrote:
> Mario with Luigi?

Far more painful.

I've got to go back to work now as me break is over, however, I'll see if I can find the rest of the pictures made so far and I might put one up tonight....the painful one :D
Fri 30/01/04 at 13:28
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We used to make Mario 'hump' Yoshi on Super Mario World by tapping down while he was on Yoshi.

Funny stuff.
Fri 30/01/04 at 13:26
"Plate of glue"
Posts: 5,183
Mario with Luigi?
Fri 30/01/04 at 13:23
Posts: 15,681
I've got more pictures somewhere, including a very painful shot of Mario - I'll have to find the CDRW I copied them to...
Fri 30/01/04 at 13:04
"Plate of glue"
Posts: 5,183

Naughty Naughty Mr. Gates. He should know better than that!
He doesn't, but he should.
Fri 30/01/04 at 06:52
Posts: 14,437
Strafio wrote:
> Lol!
> Me and my brothers have found some funny pause shots in our time (the
> best ones were when a cloud of dust was made to look like a fart),
> but this one tops the lot!
> Class! :-D

Heh, I've had the 'fart' shot. DK did the crime and poor Kirby was behind it pulling a face as if his lungs were melting. :D

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