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"NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND - One of the greatest racing games ever?"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Need for Speed: Underground'.
Mon 02/02/04 at 13:26
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Well, yes, i think it is. At the moment. What do the great British Public Reckon? Yes, you lot out there staring at this text.

This is about NFS: Underground, not anyother things, BOBBI! So no askin each other "How do i get round this on angel of darkness?"

Tue 03/02/04 at 13:31
"You have a choice"
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I like the idea of a story you can follow behind it. It attracts people like me who arn't really in to racing games but enjoy something with a decent plot. like an RPG.
Tue 03/02/04 at 13:31
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bobbi wrote:
> Sorry i am a chick ,and need some help any ideas where i can get it
> ,sorry again to interrupt you guys but us aussies do that sometimes,

Hey Boobi, try, er,
Tue 03/02/04 at 11:13
"Profit of Doom"
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Notorious Biggles wrote:
> No. It isn't up there with MSR, PGR, PGR2, Gran Turismo, GT2, GT3,
> Lotus Challenge on the Spectrum or Sega GT, Daytona, Initial D, Sega
> Rally...
> It is good, but it is not one of the all time greats.

Finally, someone else who recognises the brilliance that is Initial D.
Mon 02/02/04 at 23:10
"I love yo... lamp."
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I'd forgotten about Road Rash. I spent many hours on that...

I need to find a copy.
Mon 02/02/04 at 18:40
"Copyright: FM Inc."
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Road Rash on the Megadrive. Now THAT was racing! If you hit something in that you tended to slide down the road on your ass for 500 yards and then had to run back to where your bike ended up, hope it wasn't totalled, get back on it and catch up with the pack again.

NFS:U is a little easy in comparison.
Mon 02/02/04 at 18:28
"R.I.P Acestar"
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gotta be burnout 2. Actually thats the only one ive i guess i cant say.
Mon 02/02/04 at 16:48
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NFS is fun in short bursts. For a couple of weeks. It's hardly the greatest racing game ever. Not even close.
Mon 02/02/04 at 13:51
Posts: 14,437
Even though I suck greatly at it, Project Gotham Racing 2 is by far the best racer I have ever played, beating the secon best which is Gran Turismo 1.

NFS doesn't cut it as a lasting racer, including the Underground version.
Mon 02/02/04 at 13:48
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
Get what?
Mon 02/02/04 at 13:47
Posts: 12
Sorry i am a chick ,and need some help any ideas where i can get it ,sorry again to interrupt you guys but us aussies do that sometimes,

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