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"The Championship - Who will win?"

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Mon 05/02/07 at 16:49
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Hi. Who do you think is going to win the Championship? I reckon Derby will do it hopefully but Birmingham could catch up.

So what do you think...
Thu 05/04/07 at 09:58
Posts: 10,009
Still very tight at the top assuming Birmingham win their game in hand there will be just 4 points between the top 3 with 6 games left.

Sunderland have a better goal difference than Derby so if they win and Derby lose they'll go above them.

I can't see the top 3 being anything other than Derby, Birmingham and Sunderland but it could be any of these 3 winning the title.
Wed 14/03/07 at 10:07
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Sunderland have put together a fantastic run of results over the past few months and at Christmas I thought they might have been battling relegation!

They slipped up last night and only got a point but Derby also slipped up and only got a point as well.

At the minute I think Sunderland have the edge over Derby as they're on an excellent run of form where as Derby are coming off a good run of form so I think if Sunderland keep it up Derby will continue to drop points and Sunderland will take the second automatic promotion spot.
Sun 11/03/07 at 11:49
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
It'd certainly be interesting to see Sunderland secure promotion, Roy Keane's put quite a team together.
Wed 28/02/07 at 17:17
Posts: 1
What about STOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lets hope
Sun 25/02/07 at 22:28
"Trout a la creme"
Posts: 2,858
For my completely wrong guess at how things will finish at the top...

1. West Brom
2. Sunderland

Play offs out of:
(maybe with Wolves sneaking in and displacing one of those)

Though if Southampton stay down it should make for an interesting summer as they won't have any more Premiership parachute payments for next season (I think) the same going for Norwich and Crystal Palace. Could see some of their higher earners being sold off like Earnshaw (Norwich).
Fri 23/02/07 at 20:56
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
Benski, could you do me a favour? Could you use proper spelling and structure your posts better? I'm having trouble reading them.

Fri 23/02/07 at 20:52
Posts: 25
The rams !!!! i do think we have a reli gud chance but we reli shudnt have dropped points at home to stoke!! and if we play like tht we arent even gnna be able to stay in teh top 6 wich i think were 6 points from 6th place thts nuthing !! and at the start ov the season steve bruce sed tht to win youl need 90points so we worked out thts 27 points away from apossible 39 from the last 13 games so we can only afford to drop 12 points in the final quarter so we reali need to start to play well and even if we do go up we will come straigh back down you have to eb honest theres not 1 derby fan who honestly thinks tht we wudnt struggle in the prem but the players we have brought in are very good apart from fagan plus wev apparently sold Barnes to spurs fro 3 mill + which i think is great to be honest were lucky to get tht much the form hes in at the moment so sunderland this weekend every one iv spoken to doesnt think we can do it but i reckon we might do them may be a 1 niller grab a goal and just close up maybe catch them on the break well wel'll see. thoughts...........
Fri 23/02/07 at 19:24
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Birmingham will win i reckon...
who do u support benski
Mon 12/02/07 at 18:02
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As if Hull should have drawn. Luck was on their side and with a final goal in the last 2 minutes, you cannot disagree.

Derby will survive
Mon 12/02/07 at 06:50
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Smedlos wrote:
> Being a Forest supporter I hope Birmingham.

Not to worry Smeds. Derby's luck will soon run out and they'll stop sneaking wins. The way their defence was exposed against a poor team like Hull proves this.

They'll then stay down, have another financial crisis due to all the plaers they've bought attempting to get into the Premiership and they'll end up in League 2.

It has been foretold, so it shall come to pass...

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