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Sun 28/01/07 at 21:30
Posts: 21,800
What's everyone think of the demo?

I wasn't too convinced at first but once I played it in co-op with a mate I was completly hooked. First sandbox game to have online co-op and bloody hell they did an amazing job!

Jumping around the city Matrix style and blowing each other up with remote mines is infintetly entertaining and funny. Please don't write this game off as another GTA ripoff, it's absoloutly nothing off the sort.
Sun 19/08/07 at 16:38
"eeast weeeeeeeeeezy"
Posts: 320
i thought da demo was great same as in co-op might have 2 buy it soon
Fri 27/04/07 at 00:32
Posts: 33,481
New content coming, initially it sounds boring.
Fri 27/04/07 at 00:18
"Hiro is a Hero"
Posts: 50
I've just managed to take out the entire Los Muertes and Volk and 1 of the Shai Gen group. My advice, go into the 3rd area with the shai gen, find a group of criminals with rocket launchers (one of 2 types) and find your nearest supply post to unlock Rocket launchers for the rest of the game, then take them and cluster grenades (if you find some) and just blow your way to the crime lords and just beat up the enemies that are on their own.

I managed to raise my strength ability to max long before any other skill just because I tended to kick my way through the hordes instead of wasting ammo, one kick is all it takes instead of a few bullets, but firing at long range is still a must, but with rocket launchers and heat seekers this becomes easier.
Fri 06/04/07 at 17:53
Posts: 4,686
Absolutely loved it - even though to start with had no intention of buying.

My only critism is that it is too short (well, the only reason I'm playing it now is for the orbs (oi...agility and hidden - go wash your mind out :D).

But what a pleasant surprise of having a huge open world where you can do almost anything you want. Such a pick-up title. More like that please.
Mon 29/01/07 at 13:20
Posts: 33,481
It's True Crime crossed with Narc + Super hero powers.

and True Crime's sandbox was great fun for the time, really made playing a cop decent.
Mon 29/01/07 at 12:32
Posts: 10,489
Yeah man, I am at the end of Act 4 so will be done tonight, I'll hang back on Insane if you're up for running through on coop.

Pre-ordered Crackdown as well, for the win.
Mon 29/01/07 at 10:49
Posts: 21,800
Oh and pretty please don't compare Crackdown to the truely horrible True Crime. The difference between Crackdown and True Crime is that Crackdown is deliberatly designed to have wide open missions that you tackle how you see fit. It's all about making your own fun and doing things the way you want, a true sandbox in every sense of the word.
Mon 29/01/07 at 10:47
Posts: 21,800
Suicide Soldier wrote:

> Oh yeah I take back what I said about Gears, I kinda love it :O

Heh, I'll get on and play some co-op with you when Telewest fix my connection. Apparently I've got overuse problems in my area or some stupid bullsh*t, so it seems the jumping in Crackdown was actually down to too many people in my area watching porn at the same time.

They're apparently looking into fixing it, god knows how long that'll take.

Oh and Halo 3 = teh suxorz!!1!1!
Mon 29/01/07 at 09:12
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
I'm undecided. I didn't like it at first, either. But its growing on me. If I sell Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo...
Mon 29/01/07 at 08:17
Posts: 14,437
I didn't like it, but I'll be buying it for Halo 3, as I imagine many others will do.

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