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"[B]Serious Sam[/B]"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Serious Sam'.
Sat 06/03/04 at 18:22
Posts: 18,185
Has anyone played the PC version of this?

The game looks so much fun and it is due on the ol' Cube this spring... just wondering what the game has to offer and whether I am right with my desire to purchase it?
Sat 06/03/04 at 22:40
Posts: 15,681
I played the Xbox version and very quickly got my money back.
Sat 06/03/04 at 19:15
Posts: 33,481
Rickoss wrote:
> You could have course just linked the review, couldn't you?

Yes but I play on my Xbox more now, so 'copy' springs to mind more than 'Link', if you get what I mean. ;D
Sat 06/03/04 at 19:11
Posts: 10,437
You could have course just linked the review, couldn't you?

Anyhoo, Serious Sam actually looks alright. Graphically a bit rubbish, but still a fun little blaster. I may take a look if I have some spare money by its release.

Oh, and these tags only work on messages, you know, SR would have to use seperate scripts for topic titles, taglines names and stuff.

You fools! :-D
Sat 06/03/04 at 18:53
Posts: 33,481
I swear on my life I only highlighted my review to copy.
Sat 06/03/04 at 18:50
Posts: 842
Hedfix wrote:
> That was strange...
> I only ctrl-c'd my review NOT all the others.
> *Shrugs*
> Ah well

That's like 10,000 word countish...
Sat 06/03/04 at 18:49
Posts: 33,481
That was strange...

I only ctrl-c'd my review NOT all the others.


Ah well
Sat 06/03/04 at 18:48
Posts: 33,481

Our Review Hints

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luke_muse8 :: Reviewed 07/01/2004

Defeating the final Boss:- After going into the great pyramid, find the obelisk room. It will then rise. Keep walking around until you see an FMV sequence. You will then go to the place where the Boss climbs up the wall. Beware -- this Boss has the most powerful spells and weapons. After he/it shoots, run to the jump ramps. Jump/boost through the power rings clockwise, and when you are next to the jump ramps, preferably by the backpacks, start unloading with the Lasergun. That weapon will drop him down to a quarter of his health, but only after 800-1200 pulses. Note: He can regenerate health.

When at the Great Pyramid and the door has not opened, pull out your canon and start shooting the Boss in the head. Take out your minigun frequently to take out Kleers, Biomechs, Werebulls, etc. Then, when he is down to red, go inside the pyramid and look up. There are four triangle objects that light up and make strange noises once you jump through the ring things that have lights in them. To activate the teleporter you must use the super jumps (all four) and you will automatically jump through the ring things. However, you must make sure that the Boss is on the lighted up center. Once you have jumped through all four, look up and you should see four blinking triangles. This will take some time, so make sure you have him in the lighted up circle in the middle of the pyramid. If he is still in red when the teleporter is on, and it hits him, he will die.

Binary counter:- In the Great Pyramid stage, just before you enter the pyramid, you may have noticed a panel above the entry with alternating I's and O's. This is a timer counting down in binary. The timer starts at 1,023 and goes down from there.

I rate this product 9/10 :: See all reviews by this author
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Hannard :: Reviewed 17/10/2003

Doom is remembered for a lot of things - it had 3D levels, genuinely scary monsters, oh and more weaponry than you can shake a stick at. But what made Doom for me was the fact that on higher difficulty levels, you ended up facing down not one, two or three monsters, but hordes of alien/demonic creatures that surged towards you - it was absolute mayhem. And now you can play its natural successor - no, not Doom 3, because initial reports are it'll only throw a relatively number of small monsters at you at any one time. I'm mean Serious Sam, now available on XBOX in a double pack which includes Serious Sam and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.

Serious Sam is probably the first shoot-em-up since Doom - or Doom 2, anyway - to give you the sensation of being completely overwhelmed by your foes. Playing as 'Serious' Sam Stone, Serious Sam sees you travelling back in time for some reason that is never adequately explained and making your way through Ancient Egypt in the first game and then the Amazon and Medieval England in The Second Encounter. Whichever episode you play first, you'll find yourself ploughing through foe upon foe - sometimes in small groups but more often than not in waves. Creatures with bombs for heads, giant robots, laser toting bad guys and more will all make a beeline for you. They're not too bright and will often wander straight into your line of fire, but there's so damn many of them. And just when you think you've cleared an area, you may just hear a rumble and see a herd of stampeding werebulls rushing towards you, who can only be stopped with several shotgun blasts, prolonged chaingun fire, or a cannonball to the head.

And if that wasn't enough chaos, Serious Sam: The Second Encounter also throws traps and few new weapons such as a flamethrower and sniper rile into the mix, though the final boss of that chapter is nowhere near as imposing or fear-inducing as the boss at the end of the Egyptian levels. In fact, if you're particularly worried about your survival abilities, you can draft in up to three other players to either fight against or to fight with in Serious Sam's deathmatch or co-operative modes. Strangely, if you're playing with just one other person, you're at a slight disadvantage since the two player mode has black bars down the side of the screen, for no good reason. Yet, this is forgivable since Serious Sam is such a rollicking shoot-em-up. It'll keep you playing for ages - there's a huge amount of content in what is essentially two games stuck together and if you're not having fun and grinning like an idiot as you blast your way through the alien hordes, then you need to check you've still got a pulse. And at less than twenty pounds, there really is no excuse for any carnage fan not to pick this up right now.

I rate this product 9/10 :: See all reviews by this author
Product Information :: Buy Now

MoJoJoJo :: Reviewed 26/06/2003

Serious Sam was great on the PC. Serious Sam 2 was more of the same - freak blastin' fun. This X-Box title is both games put together in one big barrel of blood, guts, explosions and witty one liners.

Forget stealth, forget tactics, forget teamplay, forget super intelligent AI. Leave your brain at the door, pick up your controller and carve your way through endless hordes of bad guys. And I do mean endless.

Serious Sam is a throwback to the good old days of Doom and Duke Nukem, which means countless enemies which need a good whoopin'. Only in 3D. It's no more difficult than "find the exit" Only there are about 10,000 "things" that are in your way.

Working your way through time, you're dumped in huge outdoor environments with only a shotgun and a handful of shells with which to deal out swift, deadly justice to all the monsters and wrong-doers. It's party time.

This is the definitive no-brainer. The only skill it requires is staying alive. You'll spend most of your time running through huge groups of enemies, laughing manically as you hack them up, blow them away and splatter their brain matter against the walls. Gaming has never been so much fun.

That is, however, all it consists of. But for 20, what were you expecting? It's certainly no Halo, but it IS a good laugh, and will serve to entertain you and your drunken friends after a night out. Good (un)clean fun.

I rate this product 8/10 :: See all reviews by this author
Product Information :: Buy Now

Hedfix :: Reviewed 30/05/2003 :: Gameaday winner 30/05/2003

Remember Doom? Remember Space Invaders? Ever wondered what would happen if you combined them togeather? Mix in a little Duke Nukem humour and you have the glorious Serious Sam.

Have you ever bought a game in the hope that it would be a frantic fight for your life against hordes of monsters, only to realise your game could only manage to have 4 monsters onscreen at once? Serious Sam manages AT LEAST a maximum of 10 to 15 monsters on screen at once. It IS a 'fight for your life against the horde' game, but the horde is properly realised and implemented. Battles are comparable to the frantic fights seen in the film Starship Troopers.
The levels are well designed, consisting of large 'killing grounds' and densely packed areas of buildings teeming with enemies. The locations vary from Egyptian and Aztec cities to desert valleys and icy mountain trails.

The weapons are well conceived and are very reminiscent of Doom. These include shotguns, miniguns, flamethrowers, cannons and serious bombs (rare) which are essentially 'smart bombs' which destroy every creature on screen.

An interesting concept is the inclusion of a space invaders style hi-score and lives system. Every 100,000 points you receive an extra life, this works especially well when the game is played in two player mode and compliments the ease with which the game can be played by novice gamers.

Playing the game in two player mode puts an interesting spin on the way the game plays. There are no squabbles over health or weapons as the game duplicates weapons for both players. Put simply if one player picks up a shotgun it is gone on their screen but on the other players screen the shotgun is still there (as they haven't picked it up yet) and is still available for them to pick up. Lives ARE shared in two player though which balances out the games duplicating of weapons in two player.

The 4 player (8 with system link) multiplayer is an excellent blend of Doom and Quake succeeding in creating frantic and fun battles. Some multiplayer levels are fairly large allowing for more stealthy tactics where others are very small providing very frantic free-for-all battles. The weapons are well balanced for multiplayer and a players tactics must be adjusted inorder to make the most of each weapon.

A special mention should be made of the games secrets which are highly entertaining, truly surprising and easily rank among the best secrets I have ever seen in an FPS game.

In conclusion if you have been searching for a truly frantic first person shooter this is the game for you, if you enjoyed doom this is the game for you and if you want a shooter that is different from the rest: this is the game for you.
Sat 06/03/04 at 18:22
Posts: 18,185
Has anyone played the PC version of this?

The game looks so much fun and it is due on the ol' Cube this spring... just wondering what the game has to offer and whether I am right with my desire to purchase it?

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