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This thread has been linked to the game 'Halo'.
Wed 17/03/04 at 21:45
"Bail down before me"
Posts: 20
Okay even when we thoaght that xbox couldnt get much better they have nearly finished halo 2.


But thats not what im on here for there have been a number of rumours that the makers of halo are begining to create halo 3.


Its not been confirmed if halo 3 will be released onto the new xbox 2 being made but you know for sure that this is gonna be the best halo yet.

Think about it Halo 2 looks great better than any game that is out yet but think about Halo 3 new weapons, a new enermy, New Vehicles,Better Graphics and Better AI.
Thu 18/03/04 at 07:24
": ("
Posts: 5,614
KingofGames wrote:
>Think about it Halo 2 looks great better than any game that is out yet >but think about Halo 3 new weapons, a new enermy, New Vehicles,Better >Graphics and Better AI.

One step at a time my step at a time.
Thu 18/03/04 at 06:45
Posts: 33,481
Well I can understand how they could be working on Halo 3 in a small way ie

"This would be cool to have in Halo 2 but we don't have time/hardware/etc so we'll make a note of it and stick it in Halo 3"

If ambient life (birds etc) doesn't make it to the final version of Halo 2 I expect the work which has currently been done to implement it will be used in Halo 3.
Thu 18/03/04 at 02:13
Posts: 221
The figures can also move about, so you can have Master Chief in a crouched stance holding a sniper rifle, or the pistol.

The tiny ones can too, but more in a more limited fashion - though the mini MC is still flexible.
Thu 18/03/04 at 02:01
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
The prices vary - your best bet is to look on ebay. Chances are that unless you're lucky, you'll be buying off someone in the States. For a Master Chief, you'll probably be looking at around $25. For a Warthog, around $50. The bonus is that we have an advantage of the exchange rate, so the price is nearly halved when its turned into pounds.
The downside is that you'll be paying more for the p+p cause the seller will be sending it international, so you'll probably end up paying around 25 - 40 for an item in the end.

Remember to check that the seller is willing to ship worldwide and not just to the States and if you need to sign up to ebay, you'll also wanna sign up to paypal. They'll do the payment from your credit card instantly and do all the working out from dollars to pounds too, so it takes away that headache.

You could also try - they should have the series 3 figures available and if you're lucky, they might even have some of the older figures and vehicles. Don't hope too much for the Warthog though - thats an ebay item now cause the shops can't get it anymore.
The stuff that seem to get the most money at the moment are...
Warthog (series 1)
Cortana (has a light up base to make her light up blue - series 1)
Green Master Chief (series 1)
Green Master Chief (series 2)
Battle Damage Master Chief (bonus figure I think)

The vehicles are cool, but the small figures that come with them aren't wonderful. If you want some nice detailed figures, you want the larger ones - they looked really good, especially when you get a few of them on display. I recommend trying to get a Green Master Chief (obviously), an Elite and Johnson. I'm suprised that the Elite is the only Covenant figure so far (baring the small version with the vehicles or the little packs). Hopefully the next series should sort that out - particularly with a Hunter. :-)
Oh and whats also cool is that the figures are made in the way that they are they're proper scale to eachother. So the Elite is pretty tall like in the game, but in a lowered stance. Even Johnson and the 2 other marine variants vary in height and of course the Chief is taller than all 3 of them. ;-)
So I can only imagine how big the Hunter will be if its released. ;-)
Anyway, sorry for blabbing on - hope the info helps.
Wed 17/03/04 at 23:46
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
How much would I expect to pay for a Master Chief and a Warthog?
Wed 17/03/04 at 23:13
Posts: 221
Great stuff. Might come in handy ten years down the line if I'll get into debt.
Wed 17/03/04 at 23:10
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
Its pretty rare, but still not too hard to get. Give it another year or so and you'll have something. ;-) Same with the Warthog we have - even though its officially gone off the shelves, it can still be bought on places like ebay. But once the time passes it'll be harder and harder to find. :-)

Any Halo figures are great to grab cause everyone buys them out so quickly.
Wed 17/03/04 at 22:30
Posts: 221
Would you say it's rare then?
Wed 17/03/04 at 22:28
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
Yeah I've had a few chances to get the series 1 master chief along with other figures. But I'm not after everything - I just want a decent set of the main characters and stuff. :-)

I have a green master chief so I'm happy. ;-)
Wed 17/03/04 at 22:06
Posts: 221
Savatt78 wrote:

> Speaking of number 3s, just got my series 3 Halo figures in the post
> yesterday. Gonna sell on the blue master chief, but I now have
> Johnson, the 2 marine variants and the Banshee. ;-)
> Plus I already have the green Master Chief, Elite, Ghost and Warthog.
> Don't want everything in the sets - just the cool main things for a
> decent set. :-)

I have the Series 1 Master Chief and Warthog set. :)

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