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"What your favorite piece of Ninteno music?"

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Fri 19/03/04 at 19:17
"Born of the Earth!"
Posts: 51
The Music out of Melee is cool
Tue 06/04/04 at 14:41
Posts: 5,323
Zelda: OOT Theme Tune.

Tis good.
Tue 06/04/04 at 14:16
"Its all me,me,me,me"
Posts: 1,055
I think the donkey kong music will always be the best. Anybody that has the SSBM soundtrack that came with NOM will agree. Jungle garden is such an awesome tune! The depths of Brinstar is also a brilliant track. I also think that Yoshis Story from the N64 had an amzing theme tune. That was so simple yet so catchy. They used it on yoshis level on the original super smash bros and they've used it again for Yoshis level in SSBM.
Mon 05/04/04 at 11:46
Posts: 7,403
Mario Sunshine music had me humming for a LONG time.
Mon 05/04/04 at 11:34
Posts: 18,185
The music on the final day in Majora's Mask... terrifying.
Mon 05/04/04 at 10:30
"Conker the King"
Posts: 247

The Zelda music is OK but its not THAT good! Rare are without doubt the MASTERS of music making.
The best pieces of music in Nintendo games are as follows:-

1 - Perfect Dark - Completing a level
1a - Perfect Dark - Complete Soundtrack - Superb score. Pick one up on EBay but they sell for a ridiculous amount. The last time I saw one it was selling for $100!!!
2 - Conkers Bad Fur Day - Main area theme (with the whistling)
3 - Banjo Kazooie - Click Clock Wood (Summer)
4 - Jet Force Gemini - Character Selection
5 - Conkers Bad Fur Day - I am the great mighty poo!
6 - Wave Race Blue Storm - Opening Sequence - Fantastic.
7 - Diddy Kong Racing - Opening Theme.
8 - 1080 Snowboarding - Golden Forest
9 - Mario Kart DD - Wario Colosseum/Waluigi Stadium - Gets the adrenaline going.
10 - Wave Race 64 - Opening Theme - still sounds great today!
Tue 23/03/04 at 14:14
"hit the road jack"
Posts: 2,538
Banjo Kazooie aswell.
Tue 23/03/04 at 13:32
Posts: 33,481
I assumed Nintendo music meant music actually by Nintendo as opposed to SEGA or EA.
Tue 23/03/04 at 09:39
"hit the road jack"
Posts: 2,538
Medal of Honor
Mon 22/03/04 at 23:38
Posts: 9,848

I'll let that go as I've not heard Skies yet, but it had BETTER be THAT good! ;-P
Sun 21/03/04 at 23:52
Posts: 7,741
Strafio wrote:
> Jet Force Gemini, Donkey Kong Country and Conker's Bad Fur Day have
> the best music scores in games ever.


Skies of Arcadia Legends.

No more said.

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