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"Gamecube colours."

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Sat 20/03/04 at 17:21
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I am going to buy a cube next month.
I just wondered if Ninty plan to release any other colours in the UK.
If any nice colours were comming out, then i'd wait for that.

I've seen a orange gamecube controller in america, that looks lovely.
If a orange cube was released over here, i'd be the 1st to buy one.

Sat 27/03/04 at 12:48
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I did have some somewhere, but they weren't very good quality.

It just looks like a regular cube, only blue and with a bit of paint on that grey ATi badge.

So long as you're careful about masking what you don't want to paint, and move the spray can well to get a good coverage without forming drips, it'll just look like a nice regular cube in a different colour.
Fri 26/03/04 at 17:42
"the burning sky"
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Any chance you've got some pics of it?
Fri 26/03/04 at 14:52
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Oh yeah, you might want to rub a radiator before dis/reassembling, just to make sure you clear any static from your body.
Fri 26/03/04 at 14:49
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Ah, found it.
Not where I though I'd saved it though, it took some searching for. And it looks like I may have lopped the first paragraph or two off it.

Nevertheless, I've quickly gone through it I'm sure you'll get the idea from what's there.

The thing I wrote:

Once you have the special screwdriver bit (try lik-sang) and a set of small phillips head screwdrivers (the + ones) for the bits inside, you're ready to take her apart.

It doesn't get that tricky, considering itís expensive electronics, but you do have to keep everything in order so you know how to put it back together. Pay careful attention to how you take it apart and reassembly should be fine for a semi-competent alert amateur.

To get inside, you take off the top half of the case, then rather than let you take off the bottom easily, you have to separate component sections:
-Disk spinner and reader. No real problem.
-Slots directly into another bit below it. The fan comes out so that's only connected by wires, then another chunk unscrews, below it is...
-The heat sink, like what you get on pc processors but bigger, this has to be removed to take out the last piece of...
-Circuit boards and stuff.

When they're all out, you have the base of the cube, and you've separated all the plastic bits from the computery bits.

If you plan on respraying the grey bit with the controller ports you'll be venturing somewhere i didn't, but the same principles apply, note what you do to disassemble, so you know how to reassemble.

The lid's opening mechanism deserves a comment - pay very close attention as you undo it all, it's probably the most complicated thing to reassemble. Just quite a few bits of plastic involved.
It isn't that hard, provided you PAY ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING AS YOU TAKE IT APART!

Note also: The mesh that covers the air vents and the big black plastic circle on the lid all come out without screwdrivers and stuff, the black circle simply unclips from inside.

When respraying, youíll probably want to use both the desired colour and a clear protective top-coat. I used plastikote brand aerosols, which have good heat resistance. I suggest you go for diy store stuff, rather than art store stuff.
Doubt youíll need an undercoat (you may want to consider it if youíre using a very light colour, but probably unnecessary even then), just give it a few coats if needs be.
When spraying, donít get too close, and keep moving over different areas, thisíll help ensure you get a nice even coat.
With the protective top-coat several light coats are better than one heavy one, again itís about thorough coverage and an even coat.
For the air vents, you may want to pick up the cube from the inside (with a glove on) to let you get the right angles to spray into those holes.

The black rubber feet donít come out, at least they didnít for me, for both these and the grey ATi badge on the front you need to choose whether to cover with masking tape or spray straight over.
You also have to decide this for the warning and information labels (eg, the lazer warning label on the inside of the lid). If youíre careful, you can cover them with masking tape, trim it to the right shape with a scalpel and when you remove it youíll have a nice finish. You may, of course, prefer to spray straight over, but donít come running to me when youíre blinded by looking into the cubeís lazer beam because you didnít see the warning you painted overÖ
(Personally, I used masking tape over the badge, feet and labels. Only the badge didnít come out of it as well as Iíd hoped, it can be a bit of a lottery. I donít really mind though, kind of adds character, a little paint on the edges of it. Still, itís up to you to decide.

One more warning: My cubeís opening mechanism is still a little Ďstickyí Ė sometimes you press the button and the lid doesnít open. No problem, hold it down and gently press down on the far side of the lid (on the other side of the hinge). Sometimes the button doesnít pop up again (so the lid doesnít lock in place when you put it down. Again, no problem, tap it a couple of times and it comes back up fine.
Just thought you should know it can happen. (A better top coat or smoother finish may eliminate the problem, but I donít care enough to do anything about it. Anyway, again, it adds character. :^) )

So if you do decide to go ahead, good luck with it.
If you have questions or want to discuss it further ask here or try to catch me on msn Ė [email protected]

Thu 25/03/04 at 11:35
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ok mate, thanks alot. it took my 10 minutes tops - broadband
Wed 24/03/04 at 22:37
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You went back a whole year?
Jeez, how long did that take?

I sprayed a purple one. I figure you could use black, maybe with an undercoat, but it'd be easier with purple.
I had a clear protective topcoat too.

Anyway, I'll go dig it out for you tonight. At the moment I've got the new pc I'm building hooked up to my old monitor, so I'm putting off re-wiring it all (not that big a job, but it feels like it!)
Wed 24/03/04 at 19:22
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Well i went back a year, and couldent find any of your posts telling us how to spray one.

One of your posts said you was going to do it, and sell it on ebay, any you was asking how much somebody would pay.

I also know you went by the name of Dr Duck.

My question is: did you spray a black or a purple cube?
Wed 24/03/04 at 18:10
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Somewhere in the region of a year ago, I think. Maybe slightly more recently.

But I'd be very surprised if I didn't have a copy of it somewhere. I know I saved a word version of it at one time...

Unfortunately in my documents I have files with names like 'stuff' and 'junk'.

It could be anywhere!

I'm sure I'll get hold of it though, so I wouldn't bother with the archives.

Wed 24/03/04 at 17:00
"the burning sky"
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Loquacious Duck wrote:
> It's not on this computer, but it might be on my other one.
> I'll have a look later today.

It might be in the archives somewhere? Any idea when you posted it?
Wed 24/03/04 at 16:33
Posts: 1,625
Loquacious Duck wrote:
> It's not on this computer, but it might be on my other one.
> I'll have a look later today.

Thanks mate

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