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"ATI or GeForce?"

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Sun 21/03/04 at 16:01
Posts: 1
Ok. Heres one for you. Which graphics card is better, Ati or GeForce.
I used to have a GeForce card in my old pc and have recently upgraded to Ati on my new pc. I have asked an endless ammount of people and no one ever seems to agree. What do you think?
Tue 27/04/04 at 19:17
"LoRD oF thE BEER"
Posts: 127
i dont known but i think i have riped this dude off so bad.he gave me a brand new LG 52 speed cd rom an opticzl mouse and a radeon 9200 se 4 geforce mx440 4 rewritables and 90 rand or in your money about 10 pounds
Tue 27/04/04 at 10:38
"dont like me bite m"
Posts: 27
just adding my 2 pence worth i found the ati card i had installed to be quicker than my current nvidia card but a lot less stable by which i mean every 45 or so mins it would reset the gpu the game would still run but it became very annoying thats why i switched to using an nvidia which seems to work fine just a little slower so i have to side with nvidia for the moment but no doubt that will change when i upgrade for hl2 an doom 3
Mon 19/04/04 at 22:58
"Jim Jam Jim"
Posts: 5,626
TimAllen wrote:
> Hi guys, im buying a new PC. I cant wait to play Half Life 2 but i
> want to get folks opinions. Is the GeForce FX5200 good enough for
> running most games? will it support half life, rainbow six, etc, HELP

As I have said in 2 other posts FX5200 is crap, low spec card that will struggle with todays games at high settings let alone Half Life 2, save up more money and get a 9800 Pro.
Mon 19/04/04 at 18:36
Posts: 5
Hi guys, im buying a new PC. I cant wait to play Half Life 2 but i want to get folks opinions. Is the GeForce FX5200 good enough for running most games? will it support half life, rainbow six, etc, HELP PLEASE!
Thu 25/03/04 at 10:53
Posts: 87
i have a 128mb 9800 pro card (the hercules blue one no longer in produection)

it came with the wrong game which means i have an excuese to send it back an replase it for one which is now cheaper (money back) but better

the one i would get would be a 256mb 9800 xt which is clocked higher than my currant one

should i bother?
Wed 24/03/04 at 22:11
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
You forgot about Farcry. That is one beautiful looking game. I may attempt an overclock of a 256 Mb 9800 XT for that one. And I have a few more MHz to squeeze out of the CPU.
Wed 24/03/04 at 22:06
Posts: 10,489
Considering there isn't a game out yet that goes remotely close to the full potential of the 9800 XT I would imagine it will be a loooooong way off before ATI and Nvidia battle it out with a similar power card, Nvidia have got a lot to do to make up for the bodged effort with the 5950 and 5900 which both struggled to run and Direct X 9.0 game with pixel shader 2.0 and above, not to mention handle any sort of Alailising or filtering.
Wed 24/03/04 at 22:05
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
True, but ATI get to use the "only true PCI Express card!!" one as well.

I think ATI will win the next one as well. Nvidia have tried to be too clever and strayed from the DX9 specs, and it has cost them. If ATI sticks to that, then they are on to a winner.
Wed 24/03/04 at 22:02
"The mighty GE90-115"
Posts: 5,344
There are storms brewing over the next generation beasts though...

ATI announced that they didnt want to "bolt on" Version 3 shaders to the next major card.Their reasons being that by the time shader 3 compatible games are released they will be ready to release a killer shader 3 card.
They will stick with super fast version 2 shaders...

Nvidia however is believed to have successfully added version 3 shaders to their next beast...

I foresee adverts along the lines of "The geforce FX 6200 - the only card to support third generation shaders" etc!!!

Let the games begin
Wed 24/03/04 at 21:54
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
Still ATI. Every ATI card outperforms the equivalent Nvidia and is normally cheaper.

The only exception is the Nvidia GeForce FX 5700. It is better than the Radeon 9600 XT, just, but is marginally more expensive. It was introduced because the Radeon 9600 largely outperformed the GeForce FX 5600, to such an extent that it was losing a lot of market share.

Best value card now is the Radeon 9800 Pro at only 150 or so. That makes me cry.

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