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"Turbonutter's 10 step guide to being a Ninty."

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Thu 26/07/01 at 14:47
Posts: 787
Blame Dan.

1) Have utter belief that every game the Shigeru Miamoto even looks at will be the Best Game Ever©

2) Every game featuring Mario will be utter class.

3) Nintendo is definitely NOT for kids, despite all the evidence pointing to the contrary.

4) The GC will somehow be better because it's smaller.

5) The PS2 is an upgrade purely because the controller looks the same. Ignore the fact that the GC's is nearly identical.

6) All games of the same genre must be better on the GabeCube.

7) Never lose an argument. Lie, cheat, kill or main to win.

8) Never admit that the N64 lost to the PlayStation, at all costs.

9) Blindly accpet all information provided to you by Nintendo, especially on the subject of the GameCube's performance and loading times. Deny everything that console experts say.

10) If all else fails, bring up the old "Well, Nintendo invented the PSX anyway" argument.

Fri 27/07/01 at 23:54
"Want a cd key.."
Posts: 3,443
Ok, Pest killer is in my hand. In fact i have bucket loads of the stuff. Ordered it just now. Incase of Ninty hater violent actions against us.
Fri 27/07/01 at 23:38
Posts: 0
The sad thing is that it's all so True! Well done TN, you've really nailed it!
Fri 27/07/01 at 23:11
"Back in black"
Posts: 5,486
You have my back Gas Mask (not litrally) And Joby's to. If Ant makes any sudden moves- get the pest killer.
Fri 27/07/01 at 21:19
"Want a cd key.."
Posts: 3,443
Whahay for the Ninty’s.

You are not taking the pith are you?

*Scuttles away quickly realising that he is a Ninty fan and will get beat up in here*
Fri 27/07/01 at 10:50
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
LOL!! Very funny Turbo, and very true as well!!

This should win GAD!!
Fri 27/07/01 at 07:52
Posts: 1,218
LOL..That was such as funny piece Robin.It shudn't hav offended no-one,jus a 1.
Fri 27/07/01 at 07:31
Posts: 0
BTW, this was a retaliatory post to my 'biased posters code of honour'. I think they are both quite funny, though this has certainly had funny replies!
Fri 27/07/01 at 00:19
"Eff, you see, kay?"
Posts: 14,156
Ummm, OK.
Thu 26/07/01 at 23:58
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738
Turbonutter wrote:
> er-no, check your mail.

TBN check your mail!
Thu 26/07/01 at 23:49
"Eff, you see, kay?"
Posts: 14,156
er-no, check your mail.

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