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"What's wrong with my game?"

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Sun 11/04/04 at 16:24
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I'm having problems with my copy of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on GC.

Sometimes, I try to load up my file and a message appears, saying "This data is corrupt. Delete it?". Sometimes it has even happened when I've turned the console off at the Main Menu.

Now I think I have found a solution, by copying the file to my other Memory Card after every few Levels, but I still don't know why it's happening. Any ideas?
Sat 17/04/04 at 21:52
Posts: 1,497
My old one was 4Gamers.

Now I have a GAME one as well and it works fine. I've managed to get over 50% through the game without it messing up. Yay :)
Sat 17/04/04 at 16:13
"Plate of glue"
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Ashman wrote:
> *kisses Official 251 Memory Cards I bought for a fiver each*

What What What What WHAT????!!!!!
Sat 17/04/04 at 16:01
"rock kickin!"
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if some thing like that happend to me id be damd anoyed!:(
Sat 17/04/04 at 13:46
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*kisses Official 251 Memory Cards I bought for a fiver each*
Sat 17/04/04 at 12:52
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Most obvious problem is if you have an unofficial memory card. I can't think why the game itself would corrupt data, as I've never had problems with it. I'd invest in a 251, or perhaps wait for a 1019.
Thu 15/04/04 at 21:32
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this always happens to me on ffcc, its well anoyin, i dont use an official m card en'all. it happened once i got really far on like yr 8 and then it just says file corrupt deleting file without asking and now it does it every time, and ho ever says i need an official mem card i know and there expensive so hoo will by me one
Thu 15/04/04 at 21:27
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Yep, your memory card sucks.
I had similar trouble with a 4 gamers card back when the cube was new.
I think it has something to do with the data transfer speeds, a small number of games don't accept certain cards that are too slow to handle their demands.

An official card will be fine though.

Could be wrong though.
Thu 15/04/04 at 20:42
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Hey tosspiece, why do you change your name so many friggin times? You're still the same retard.
Thu 15/04/04 at 19:09
Posts: 7,741
Is the memory card an offical one? If not, it's probably the card.
Thu 15/04/04 at 19:01
"rock kickin!"
Posts: 541
you think so?

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