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"Is it snowing where you are?"

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Fri 18/12/09 at 13:26
"Tempus Fugit"
Posts: 426
Is it snowing where you are?

if so, why not brag about it, let us know where you are and how much you got.

Or if not still say, should be interesting to see what parts of the country did and didn't.
I'll start:

Shepps 123 = Plymouth - no Snow, but bitterly cold
dav2612 = Perth - no snow
ButchML = Braintree - not anymore
Mon 21/12/09 at 18:36
Posts: 4,686
Had some heavy snow last night, but the buses were still running, so I still had to come in. Hopefully the severe weather warning of heavy snow tonight will mean I get the day off :D Although I will miss the work christmas breakfast :(
Mon 21/12/09 at 18:16
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Started to snow again in Ipswich for a while, the last lot aint even melted yet, so nice icy roads in the morning i feel
Mon 21/12/09 at 16:56
Posts: 12,425
Snowed a bit last night.

Really heavy snow at the moment, great stuff!

Driving last night was interesting, a bit icy! A few controlled skids!
Sun 20/12/09 at 22:15
"possibly impossible"
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Still nothing here.
Sun 20/12/09 at 13:35
"Too Orangy For Crow"
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The weather reports were saying that loads of snow was coming last night. It wasn't that heavy and the road outside my house is still flowing with no snow on it.
Sun 20/12/09 at 09:45
"I like turtles"
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Yeah,got loads.Just been called into work to shovel it up :(
Sun 20/12/09 at 00:19
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Aberdeen-It is pooring down here so YES REALY.
Sat 19/12/09 at 21:51
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
snow on thursday night caused mayham on friday. Hell i couldn't take the bus to work as the one bus service wasn't operating. I was annoyed. Had to take the train home.

Snowed again on firday evening. Not so bad thank god.
Sat 19/12/09 at 14:34
Posts: 12,425
Snowed on Tuesday night, again on Wednesday, very heavy snow on Thursday night, light snow showers Friday, a bit last night and we're meant to get a load more. I'm enjoying it! :)
Sat 19/12/09 at 14:34
Posts: 4,686
We;ve just had a few flakes in yate (just outside of Bristol). Heard on the radio there is a blizzard in Bath. Lucky so-and-sos :p

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