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"who likes the resident evil games and who needs help?"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Resident Evil'.
Thu 29/04/04 at 11:39
"tom tom"
Posts: 14
I like the resident evil collection. At first it was another game that I owned but when I started to play it I started to see what all the fuss was about. After I had completed a few of the games I realized that I had good ideas on them so if you need help I will help.

Send in what you think on the game and if you need help.

Posted by willo (tom tom)...
Thu 02/06/11 at 20:26
Posts: 1
hi im playing resident evil but ive come to a halt even with looking at cheats, can someone tell how to get to room where the serum is to save barry ? i cant find importent room anywhere.
Wed 05/05/04 at 03:02
"carpe nocturnum"
Posts: 1
I am stuck on Resident Evil Outbreak, scenario 1. I can't figure out how to use the lighter to read graffiti, as I have heard that you are supposed to be able to do. Otherwise I have a 100% completion rate on all of the other scenarios except for a couple of random events, also in scenario 1, and 'Watch Bob Turn Into A Zombie', which is only supposed to happen on Very Hard. Any advice anyone can give me on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Zombie Woof
Sun 02/05/04 at 12:38
Posts: 4,558
You're the doc, doc.
Sun 02/05/04 at 12:37
Posts: 2,769
well, it wouldent be nintendo that would remake it, it would be capcom of course, but, i thourght the graphics were allright in 3, i mean, the pre-rendered backgrounds cant really get that much more detailed and the character modals wernt bad either.
It is and was a great game, i highly enjoyed it, but better than 1,2,CV, remake or zero, i'm not sure.
Sun 02/05/04 at 12:33
Posts: 4,558
I completed Resi Evil 3 the other day in 3 hours. What a great game...even though the graphics are unbearable to my veteran eyes. The weapons deadly, the monsters are scary...

Why dosen't Nintendo revamp that game?

Polygon pixels and stuff are to much for my ageing smooth fluidity yearning graphical needs.
Sun 02/05/04 at 12:27
Posts: 2,769
Sun 02/05/04 at 12:26
Posts: 2,769
your shoot the thing on the wall, i think.
Sun 02/05/04 at 12:06
Posts: 9,494
Willo, how do you beat the alligator on Resi 2?
Sun 02/05/04 at 01:48
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Asher D wrote:

> Nah cos if someone's offering you their help, it's cos they have
> knowledge about something, and take pride in that and want to share
> it. You don't need to be a knob and shut them down, just be nice and
> try and think of a moment in a Resi game that got you stuck and jut
> ask him about it and let him share his wisdom, whether you need it or
> not.

Telling me to be nice while throwing petty insults around. Nice bit of irony really. :-D

I would think of a moment i got stuck but there wasn't any, i only played Resident Evil 1 and 2 and both were pretty linear and obvious what you had to do, doesn't take a highly intelligent person to complete those games.
Sat 01/05/04 at 16:54
Posts: 2,769
i love resident evil games, the item management mixed with action and puzzles is amazing, u really have to get a gamecube to appreciate this series to its full, Zero is quality.
I worry that resi 4 looks abit too action heavy plus i dont like the idea of easy head shots with a easy aim third person system, lets hope the game is still good and not to much like the light gun games.

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