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"Zelda Collectors disc"

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Fri 07/05/04 at 20:13
"possibly impossible"
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Do I part with mine?
Sun 09/05/04 at 15:26
"Plate of glue"
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Dringo wrote:
> I have a Miyamoto signed copy of the original gold edition of The
> Legend of Zelda for the NES.

Sun 09/05/04 at 14:23
"Rasmus R The Best!"
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I'm selling my Zelda Master Quest Game for USA Gamecube and a Wind Waker Prima guide (both good condition) for 16 if anyone is interested.
Sun 09/05/04 at 00:16
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Mint. Apart from the wrapper, I took that off.

Sun 09/05/04 at 00:15
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Oh would you now...? Is it all in good condition and what have you, as new.
Sat 08/05/04 at 21:38
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Ashman wrote:

> I may be willing to offer 15 for the disc.

And I may be willing to sell my copy for 15.
Sat 08/05/04 at 17:36
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I have a Miyamoto signed copy of the original gold edition of The Legend of Zelda for the NES.
Sat 08/05/04 at 15:28
Posts: 7,403
I have a Miyamoto signed copy of Mario Sunshine and a shirt.

I may be willing to offer 15 for the disc.
Sat 08/05/04 at 14:49
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Does anyone really see these becoming valuable? They're mass produced, and given away in equally mass quantites...

It'd be nice if they do, but like my Q and my PNE shirt they ran one (fairly small) production of, changed their kit company, and it was never used in a match, it'd be nice if they could make me rich one day, but I just don't see it.

Sat 08/05/04 at 13:35
"Plate of glue"
Posts: 5,183
Who knows, maybey it will go for alot of money one day. :P
Fri 07/05/04 at 22:43
Posts: 10,437
Keep it. Unless you've got all of those games anyway and have completed them, then sell it.

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