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"The Cars/Tracks of PGR2's Download Content"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Project Gotham Racing 2'.
Wed 19/05/04 at 11:10
"Dont come here ofte"
Posts: 4,264

I'll keep this short and sweet. Here is the content:

New Cars

TVR Cerbera Speed 12 (DLC Verison) - Exactly the same as the retail version, only thing is you won't need all Platinums to get it. However, this model only comes in racing green so we can still tell who's beaten the game and who's downloaded their way to TVR heaven.

Ferrari 288 GTO - A fast, fast *fast* Ferrari. Absolute classic and still outperforms most sports cars these days.

BMW 645Ci - BMW's latest 6 series offering. It's big, but it's quick and has a very distinctive design.

Ferrari 365 GTS4 (Daytona) - Miami Vice. A 70's classic Ferrari. A definate for anyone who claims to know their Ferrari's.

Porsche 356A Carrera Speedster - The humble beginnings of the Boxster way back in the 50's.

Ferrari 250TR - Classic front engine Ferrari racer for the road. Another 50's offering, and amazingly quick considering it's age.

Chevrolet Corvette C6 - Brand new, straight from Chevrolet factories. Only announced 2 months ago, now available for you to drive, even before your car dealer gets to see one

BMW M3 CSL -The light-weight, lightning quick special M3. A track beast with a sensational engine and impeccable dynamics. This is one fun car.

New City

Yup, you guessed it. Paris .

From the Eiffel tower, to the Arc de Triomphe, you can now race through the streets of one of Europes oldest and incredibly beautiful cities. It's fast, it's pretty, but more importantly it's yours to hit with the fastest cars ever to hit the streets.

Release date is coming soon, this is what is holding this whole thing up. Microsoft and ourselves are working on getting a solid date today . We'll let you know ASAP. There is definately more to come, this is the first drop in the ocean of this announcement as it were
Tue 25/05/04 at 18:54
Posts: 13,611

That's a crying shame.
Tue 25/05/04 at 14:06
Posts: 21,800
Tue 25/05/04 at 13:13
Posts: 13,611
I haven't played PGR2 a whole lot, nor have I checked out much of the online content, so could some please answer the following question:

Is there any way to get the McLaren F1 or any Lamborghinis in the game?

If so, then it would have an unquestionably perfect selection of cars.
Tue 25/05/04 at 00:20
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
Yes you can play them off line. Although obviously with system lnk, like Live, you can't use them on one Xbox if they aren't on the other.

I think that the extra tracks and cars are worth the £3. The £3 is worth about 1/13th of the cost of the game when new. The new content is around that much in terms of added cars and tracks. It's great.
Mon 24/05/04 at 10:37
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
Well, let's put it this way - If they didn't get teh 3 a purchase, do you think they'd have developed it?

It's not like we got an uncomplete game in PGR2 - which was awesome.

This pack should add some longetivity.

Canm you play them offline?
Mon 24/05/04 at 10:16
Posts: 15,681
It's not just one track.
Mon 24/05/04 at 07:29
": ("
Posts: 5,614
Bonus wrote:

> Sounds more like daddy wont let you use his credit card :D

Well, he will know if i use his credit card. If he didn't of course i'd get the content but right now im busy trying to buy a Cube so i need all the money i can get.
Mon 24/05/04 at 07:26
": ("
Posts: 5,614
Edgy wrote:
> The Stridman™ wrote:
> I think its sad to buy content for a game.
> My opinion
> Did you ever buy an expansion pack/CD for a PC game?

No, but even if I have it isn't nothing like buying content which includes a few cars and a track. I might get the content when I just happen to find £3 on the floor, otherwise stuff it. I've just got the game, I haven't even played all of the tracks and i haven't unlocked all of the cars.
Mon 24/05/04 at 01:11
Posts: 20,776
so I downloaded it today,

I'm reasonably impressed with the tracks, paris is different enough from the other cities and pretty well set out.

the new cars are ok, like the 'Magnum PI' ferrari, the speed 12 and the new M3. not too keen on the oldies, the ferrari daytona is ok, but the others are a b**ch to handle.

worth the 3 quid? yeah, s'pose.
Thu 20/05/04 at 20:40
Posts: 4,910
Cyclone wrote:
> It's 3 quid for Paris!
> Raced a bit on Live. Seems fun in Paris. US guys got pissy with the
> islands...

Those islands are funny and quite often decide how races turn out, I love the new cars.

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