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"Which FF VII character are you ?"

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Fri 25/06/04 at 19:26
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Probably been done before and it's not a great site but you get the idea.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy X

More to follow in a minute
Sat 03/07/04 at 19:55
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Hart 3:12 wrote:
> Yes witch-king is a cheating git.
> I wanted Sephiroth aswell and was dissappointed he wasnt there.

I resent this, I didnt know the rules. I deserve to be seph anyway, because of my wickid hair.
Sat 03/07/04 at 17:58
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a load of strong guys. nice.
Sat 03/07/04 at 13:38
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Auron was the only decent character in that game. Well him and Khimari (sp?) but he turned into a poof on X-2.
Fri 02/07/04 at 22:07
"period drama"
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Auron a ponce?
Well I ....

Perhaps that's why I like him so.
Fri 02/07/04 at 15:12
"For the horde!!!!"
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In FFX i'm most like Kimarhi lol
Thu 01/07/04 at 13:10
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Auron ?! But he's a PONCE !
Thu 01/07/04 at 12:19
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Maybe it's time to post the Final Fantasy VIII one.
Thu 01/07/04 at 12:02
"Arghh Me Heel"
Posts: 218
dante son of sparda wrote:
> Seifer because I'm an evil b*$t&R[)

Oh yeah, Seifer was in FFVII wasnt he.
Wed 30/06/04 at 23:02
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
I guess you were away the day they taught roman numerals in school, eh?
Wed 30/06/04 at 21:35
Posts: 2,527
Seifer because I'm an evil b*$t&R[)

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