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"The best ever Nintendo GC Game Ever is..."

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Animal Crossing'.
Fri 09/07/04 at 16:50
"SR's Nintendo Mania"
Posts: 5
Well, what do you think? My opinion is coming soon. What is the name of the game (it can be by any publisher), why it's so cool and a rating out of five! You must own the game!

NuteyCubey - Admin at The Review [URL][/URL]

I'd choose Animal Crossing, it's great!
Sat 10/07/04 at 22:05
Posts: 11,875
1) Skies of Arcadia Legends
2) Metroid Prime
Sat 10/07/04 at 20:59
Posts: 21,800
I'd like them to include modding in San Andreas. Would be really cool doing jobs to rig your car out with better engines and decals and all that kinda crap.
Sat 10/07/04 at 20:46
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> Forza Motorsport is gonna own NFSU when it's released at the end of
> the year. Over 200 cars and not only are there more modding options
> than NFSU and GT3 put together, but you can also have customisable
> car skins.

This seems to be the year of the car modding games, there's loads of them coming out.
Sat 10/07/04 at 20:34
Posts: 21,800
Forza Motorsport is gonna own NFSU when it's released at the end of the year. Over 200 cars and not only are there more modding options than NFSU and GT3 put together, but you can also have customisable car skins.

God knows that I'm gonna have "I HATE FRENCHIES" or something similarily Frenchist on my car for when I take it on Live.

Oh and the best Gamecube game I would say is either Resident Evil, Pikmin, Mario Sunshine or Zelda : The Wind Waker. Hopefully that'll all change when Pikmin 2, Zelda and *fingers crossed* Mario 128 are released.
Sat 10/07/04 at 20:15
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
Foreman wrote:
> Most enjoyable game is Need For Speed.

When I first bought this I thought it was the muts nuts, even better than PGR2. The modifying is brilliant fun but the actual racing isn't quite as good, whilst it's still fun it could have been more involving. They could have added vehicle damage, a larger selection of tracks, a replay feature, improved AI (your oponent tend to smack into the traffic quite often) and maybe a few more unique parts for certain cars.

But since it went into the classic range on Friday I picked it up again purely for the moding and I've been enjoying it. I still think the racing could be better, but it's still fun nontheless, and I traded Bustin'Out for it so it certainly seems more involving than that.

I'm working on a Chrysler Neon just now, it has a three star rating and a Starsky and Hutch stripe down the side, the cars red too. I alkso found out how to do a Nitrous Jet off the start line, it wastes NOS, but it looks cool. So yea, out of the games I own for the GC I would say this is the most fun, but it could have been far better. Roll on NFSU2.
Sat 10/07/04 at 14:18
"She's a dog!"
Posts: 1,223
My favourite games were / are:

Super Smash Bros Melee
Conflict: Desert Storm (I need the 2nd one)
Resident Evil (I need the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Veronica X)
TimeSplitters 2
Sat 10/07/04 at 10:27
Posts: 7,403
Come on, 30 for the game and your very own set of bongo drums isn't too bad for a good scooping of mindless fun is it?
Sat 10/07/04 at 10:23
": ("
Posts: 5,614
The best ever Cube game I have played is Timesplitters then second would be Harvest Moon.
Sat 10/07/04 at 10:15
Posts: 6,989
Suppose it would be alright if it wasabout 1 tenner or something. Was hoping it was a platform game like the Snes one.

Thanks for the info.
Sat 10/07/04 at 10:08
Posts: 7,403
Donkey Konga is an ingenius new title in which you receieve a pair of bongo drums with the game, and use them follow an on screen beat. As well as you being able to hit these bongos, you can clap, and a sensor on them will pick it up.

There will be one game released with the drums that features an extensive list of music, some fairly well known to some. Then there are mini games and the like you'd expect from such a game. For multiplayer quirk this game is looking as wonderful as any at the moment.

There will then be future games that are compatible with the drums, like an adveenture game, a sequel, and a title called "Odama".

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