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"What game are you looking forward to the most?"

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Mon 12/07/04 at 19:58
"We love you Rooney!"
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For me it has to be GTA San Andreas, which it will be for the people that cannot be ar$ed to think of one for themselves.

So, be imaginative, please?

Just to recap,for those of you that have bad memories the question is "What game are you looking to the most?"
Sat 24/07/04 at 08:39
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it has to be GTA san andreas, but getway 2 looks good, driv3r,wat a bad game, it looked like it waz going to be good's rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sun 18/07/04 at 17:54
"period drama"
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From the video I saw, Getaway 2 looks painfully bad.
Reeks of the not-good.
Sun 18/07/04 at 16:30
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getaway is pres de impossible. Who wants to play in London, except those who work there and want to smash up their place.
Sat 17/07/04 at 14:20
"Just Bog Standard.."
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I'm not so sure about The Getaway 2. One of the things I didn't like about the last game was that it was very dull and dreary looking, and the second looks the same. I know that the dull setting is supposed to provide a gritty atmosphere, but I just found it boring. Surely London gets some sunshine?

Sat 17/07/04 at 10:52
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Marzman wrote:
> What happened to your grammar? Thats a new one on me, must be good if
> your looking forward to it

You definitely aught to buy it, how else can we understand what you're saying?
Fri 16/07/04 at 22:28
"None Stored"
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Christ, where do I begin?

GTA: San An
Burnout 3
Getaway 2
Timesplitters 3
Spider-man 2 (ain't got it yet :P)
Fri 16/07/04 at 20:09
"of Your Dreams!"
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Gran Turismo 4
Fri 16/07/04 at 20:07
"Was the man of marz"
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For Lou Role. I should have been more specific. I can't wait for a Gta 3 london. I loved the original Gta london on PC, the graphics (although 2d was great!) All of the GTA series, have been great (exept 2 in my view) and the original Gta had a 3D mode which I never played but it looked good. Am i the only person who looks forward to a likely london- due to liberty city, vice, san being covered. Anyway back to original question- already answered
Fri 16/07/04 at 19:03
"Insert Gently"
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PS2 - GTA: San An or Pro Evo 4

Xbox - Halo2

GC - Glad i haven't got one

Multiformat - Burnout 3, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Doom III
Fri 16/07/04 at 19:01
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
Marzman wrote:
> we will be one step closer to a GTA London!

There's already been one. Anyway, back to the original question:

PS2 - San Andreas

X-Box - Mercenaries

GC - Nothing really springs to mind just now.

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