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"Thinking about gettin The Sims Bustin' Out on XBOX- Worth it?"

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Tue 13/07/04 at 20:32
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I've got The Sims game on PC along with about 5 other expansion packs, but haven't been on it for a while. Today my mate was telling me that he had bought the new Sims game "Bustin' Out" on PS2. Now thats made me think whether or not i should buy it. So, what new extras are their and is it better controls and stuff? (for XBOX)
Fri 16/07/04 at 04:35
Posts: 33,481
It's a time puzzle game.

It's good to chillout to if you're tired/ill and just don't have the energy for say, Counter-Strike or Serious Sam.

Morrowind is the better chillout game by far though.
Wed 14/07/04 at 21:14
Posts: 10,437
Aoe wrote:
> I still find it hard to believe people are taking that so seriously.
> Sounds ghey.

Ditto. No one seems to notice how crap it looks.
Wed 14/07/04 at 21:05
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
I actually quite liked Bustin Out. It certainly doesn't have as much depth as other games, but I found it relaxing just sitting back and designing a house, and then letting your sims just mess around. But as I say it isn't very involving and won't hold your interest for hours on end.

I traded my copy for Need For Speed last week because that's a little more interesting. But if you're already a fan of the Sims then you should pick up Bustin Out if you can find it cheap.
Wed 14/07/04 at 20:45
Posts: 9,631
You should get Donkey Konga.

*chuckles insanely*

I still find it hard to believe people are taking that so seriously. Sounds ghey.
Wed 14/07/04 at 20:39
Posts: 3,941
Get out. Get out now.
Wed 14/07/04 at 20:00
Posts: 327
Animal Crossing, what the hell is that?
Wed 14/07/04 at 17:16
Posts: 10,437
You're better off with Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing or Fable when it's released.
Wed 14/07/04 at 17:05
Posts: 327
The Sims series is very good, i get a lot of fun out of playing it, if you don't then why do you have to laugh at the few people who do like it?
Wed 14/07/04 at 11:00
Posts: 3,941
It's always suicide with you isn't it bullett?
Wed 14/07/04 at 08:15
Posts: 14,437
I bought the first ever Sims on PC after it was hyped up to the eyeballs.

Safe to say I promptly got rid before the boredom drove me to suicide.

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