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Thu 19/08/04 at 19:08
Posts: 642
I am on my 2nd time round on FF7 and this time i am fighting the last boss and the time is 28 hours 22 Minutes! surely thats a fantastic result. (i haven't used a guide by the way)
Wed 01/09/04 at 11:21
"Got any carrots?"
Posts: 806
I remember i managed to complete Mario 2 on the Nes without actually playing any of it. I whacked the top of my nes (cos the game wasnt loading) and for some reason the ending screen came on, and ruined the whole ending for me!
Wed 01/09/04 at 09:52
"Anger leads to hate"
Posts: 912
I've done it in just over 26hrs on my 3rd attempt, but it does require missing all the fun stuff and getting all the materia and characters! Currenly though i've just started it again, but i'm going for 100+ hours, to get everyone a mastered set of materia - i shall be invincible!!
Tue 31/08/04 at 11:08
Posts: 6,015
Ninjax wrote:
> a day is a bit much!

You ought not to be playing FF games if you can't play for 24 hrs.
Tue 31/08/04 at 09:53
"boom boom click"
Posts: 885
a day is a bit much!
Mon 30/08/04 at 23:15
Posts: 18,487
I simply dont beleive any of you, i dont beleive it could be completed in a day although having read this thread i may well try it some time soon.
Mon 30/08/04 at 23:10
"None Stored"
Posts: 3,126
one off my mates managed to complete FF7 in about 20 hours
Tue 24/08/04 at 14:44
Posts: 6,015
lmao. Seriously, KR reminds me of one episode of oliver beene. Not that I watch it, of course.
Tue 24/08/04 at 12:06
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Sarcasm, meet Gamer, Gamer, Sarcasm.

I'm sure you'll get on great
Tue 24/08/04 at 11:59
Posts: 642
KR wrote:
> I finished the game in 1 hour and 22 minutes.
> True Story

Thats just stupid. There are over 120 minutes of cut-scenes throughout the game. Thats longer than the time you completed the game in! shut-up.You are lying.

You probably haven't even played the game. If you did complete it in that time you probably used an exploder cheat system 'cos you aren't good enough at games!
Tue 24/08/04 at 00:23
Posts: 23,218
I finished the game in 1 hour and 22 minutes.

True Story

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