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"A-Z of “The Sims:Bustin’ Out”"

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Sun 22/08/04 at 10:02
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A is for... Alien Abduction: it happens at night... when looking through a telescope... all other information is classified...
A is also for... Art: from “Metüll Sküll Poster” to “I Love Queens,” every sim needs a bit of colour to brighten up those dreary walls. Buy what you can afford, stick it on the walls... and watch your sims become Melvyn Bragg overnight! Don’t forget the little boys’/girls’ room...
B is for... Barbecue: eating al fresco is fun, but burgers aren’t the healthiest of meals. For the best of both worlds, try moving your appliances and/or dining table outside!
C is for... Cookery: become a dab hand with a skillet... or Teppan’Yaki... or a microwave. When it comes to filling your belly, it’s quality not quantity that counts. And share the “fruits” of your creative labours to become the most popular chef in town!
C is also for... Cops: good for catching burglars... but only if they get to ‘em in time! Get alarmed to the hilt, for peace of mind.
D is for... Décor: sims gotta live there, but you gotta watch ‘em live there... Be creative! Express yourself! Open your mind! Your walls are your oyster... and your carpets... your windows... your doors...
E is for... Entertainment: guests won’t wait forever for you to deign to talk to them. Keep them entertained! A pool, a hot-tub, a strip-poker table... and a few nibbles wouldn’t go amiss.
F is for... Friends: can’t be bothered to make your own? Then borrow the wife’s! Unlike yours, hers are like evergreens - once “grown,” they don’t need to be “maintained.”
F is also for... Fun: you need it, sims need it... everyone needs it. But don’t shut yourself off in your bedroom with a book or a portable TV. Be sociable! Share your TV (the bigger the better), games console, tetherball, air hockey table... your friends will thank you for it.
G is for... Goals: you don’t have to complete anything but the career goals to reach the top of your ladder. But where’s the fun in that?
H is for... Hot-tub: need some fun? Need to sit down? Feeling a bit dirty? Need to see to all these needs and make friends at the same time? Buy a hot-tub! Nakedness a bonus...
H is also for... Housewife/Househusband: another income would be nice, but think of the roles a housewife/househusband can fulfil: cook, cleaner, gardener, social butterfly... and who’s going to look after the baby?
I is for... Interesting: sims have a short attention span. They won’t just stand there and talk for hours on end. To maintain the social flow, line up a few different social interactions: gossip about friends, tell a joke, break dance, maybe even spank some booty if you think it will go down well. But for God’s sake, don’t try and snog someone you barely know!
J is for... Junk: don’t clutter up your house with things you don’t need or use. There’s money to be made in that spare table... chair... microwave... (hint: doing the “life laundry” is useful if you are strapped for cash, but try and make sure your house is worth more when you leave than when you moved in...)
K is for... Kiss: there’s nothing like a good snog to revive a flagging relationship... Between husband and wife, of course...
L is for... Lights: need to see what you are doing? Buy some lights! They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and can be put just about anywhere. Bulbs don’t last forever, though...
L is also for... Listen: your housemates. They don’t always talk gibberish! Sometimes they will even give you clues on how to complete your goals.
M is for... Monogamy: if you must “spread your love around,” be discreet... Keep it behind closed doors... Keep a look-out for the missus or other lovers... And if you get caught “at it,” expect nothing less than a slap!
N is for... Night-time: a good time for sleeping. Or partying. Or anything, really. Except phoning your friends. Would you want to be disturbed at three in the morning?
O is for... Oops!: had a little accident? Didn’t get to the bathroom on time? Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. Just clean up the puddle, have a quick shower or bath and everything is forgotten.
P is for... Plants: a cheap’n’cheerful way to brighten up the corner of any room. But don’t forget to water’em!
Q is for... Quentin Salad: the name of the “prime sim” of yours truly!
R is for... Rug: every room needs a rug to soften those wide open spaces. To get things a little hot’n’spicy, however, try a “Love Rug.” Mmm, baby...
R is also for... Run!: there are just five occasions when a sim will move at more than a gentle, hip-swaying swagger...
1. on the treadmill.
2. to answer the phone.
3. when a housemate has been abducted by aliens (serves no useful purpose, except to heighten the panic of the situation).
4. when the little boys’/girls’ room is further away than it ought to be.
5. when you’ve taken a little too long to get ready for work (small hint: if you find yourself strolling for the bus and think you aren’t going to make it, cancel the action and try again at exactly fifteen minutes (seconds in real time) to the hour... leg it, sim!)
S is for... Spend, Spend, Spend!: however many simoleans you shell out on sprucing up your house, you’ll make it back when you leave... so don’t be afraid to spend, spend, spend!
S is also for... Swimming Pool: nice to look at and good for impressing your guests, but there are better ways to get fit... those darned sims keep getting out! There is no value in standing aimlessly by the pool...
T is for... Tetherball: every garden needs one. They’re more fun than you would think! That “3” rating does them no justice...
U is for... Urbz (The): the next installment! Out soon!
V is for... Veri-sim-ilitude: cautionary note: “The Sims:Bustin’ Out” is not actually real. It only appears to be real. Do not forget your real life.
W is for... Work: everyone needs to earn a living. Except your wife. And your housemates. While the missus brushes up on her cooking (or mechanical... creative... charisma...) skills, the other inhabitants of your humble abode can take over the household chores... Who said slave labour was out of fashion?
X is for... Xylaphone: sadly you can’t buy one of these... but once unlocked, you can buy a piano, an organ, a guitar or a microphone! All of which sound better the more creative you become. Just don’t expect sims to make “sweet music” together...
Y is for... You: what the game is all about. You, you, you. Nobody else matters. Your wife, your housemates... they’re just there to service your needs. Clean up after you, cook for you... And when they’ve done all the chores... have fun with you. Got it?
Z is for... Zen: the state that is achieved when you have completed all goals, all careers and all your skills are at a “perfect 10.”
Wed 01/09/04 at 15:43
Posts: 12
Interesting how a thread can go completely off the topic...
Wed 25/08/04 at 22:50
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
i'm in here
please take me home
starla dear, i'm all alone
when you can't decide what's on your mind, it's clear
i'm near
starla dear

to disappear takes some more time
starla dear, you're on my mind

soon, soon i'll be leaving
soon, soon i'll be leaving
i hear all you're saying
i hear all you're failing

i'm in here
please take me home
starla dear, i'm all alone
when you can't decide what's on your mind, it's clear
i'm here
starla dear

serve yourself
no one else can do for you like you
no one else fails like me
in my eyes i burn alive
fly like a bird
no more words just you and i
high in the sky

+ a lot of instrumental
Wed 25/08/04 at 21:57
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I have no idea.
Wed 25/08/04 at 21:56
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Certainly not.

It's infinitly better than most. Things.

I'll give you a brownie point if you can find that phrase in its' proper context.
Wed 25/08/04 at 09:52
Posts: 6,015
yes yours
Tue 24/08/04 at 22:37
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Tue 24/08/04 at 15:18
Posts: 6,015
Your tagline better not be from slap her she's french.
Mon 23/08/04 at 19:38
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
A - An idiot bought the game
Z - He either burned it or got killed for being an idiot.

The End.
Sun 22/08/04 at 15:54
Posts: 6,015
The feeling is mutual.
Sun 22/08/04 at 11:52
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540

You are truly amazing.

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